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Hello. I live in Australia and am wanting start my own crop. Unfortunately because it is still illegal here, so I have to be discrete as possible. I will be growing outdoors. The temperature in my state during summer is average 33 degrees Celsius and winter around 25 degrees Celsius. Does anyone have any suggestions of which plant is the best. I am wanting something that will grow to about 2 feet tall so my neighbours won’t see and produce a lot of bud.

Trying to find best seeds

A 2 foot plant won’t produce a lot compared to one twice that size but the reason they get so big is because if the long veg period. They will veg until there is less than 12 hours of sunlight. So they get huge with all that growing. Another possibility is to look up when the light will be short, going into winter and plant seedlings outdoors about 6 weeks before that happens.

Another way is to consider autoflowering strains that flower in about a month and stay somewhat compact due to the short veg period.

Hope this helps! @Thefuture


Thanks bob. I will be buying the auto flower seeds as this is my first time. Do U have any recommendations. I still want the plant to be as compact as possible. Let’s say no more than 3 feet.


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Indicas grow shorter than most sativas, I have done some White Widows Autos, and with just letting them grow indoors with out any training, they got to be about 2 feet tall (not including pot).


Thanks Ron. Do u have any recommendations for an outdoor strain. I suffer from depression and anxiety
( probably should have mentioned that in my first post).


I have no experience outdoors, so can’t really say what would be best…

But the Blue Dream or Amnesia Haze would both probably help with anxiety and depression.

If I was buying for that, me personally (Not saying you should) I would go for the

But please wait for some outdoor growers opinions, as I have said, I am an indoors grower…


Thanks for the help Ron. I will keep that in mind and wait to hopefully hear from an outdoor grower. I am seeing my doctor today and will be letting her know that I have been self medicating with marijuana as I have been taking prescription drugs for a while and are not working. Maybe she has any ideas of what strain is best. It’s unfortunate that it’s still illlegal and I have to go to these lengths to get my life back to the way it used to be.


Hi @Thefuture u could always train it with wire pegs good old no 8 wire went into v’s i grew 1 that was 6 foot across but only 2 foot tall and got about 2.5 lbs off it


I grew white widow autoflower this year and I really loved that experience…
The product was wonderful with effects based on time of harvest…
I let a few buds go amber for my sleep meds but overall very happy with it…
You can count about 1 oz of high quality bud per plant…if you really good gardener…

Happy growing :wink::wink::wink::wink: