First time outdoor grow

Alrighty here we go again. I just harvested my first grow which was a successful indoor grow and now I’m trying my hand at growing outdoors and decided to go all out so I have 9 plants. Here’s my list:

Northern Lights
Blue Dream
California Dream
Skywalker OG
Amnesia Haze
Hindu Kush
White Widow
And a mystery seed (will explain that one below)

Let me say that I want to start my grow experience all natural. My last grow only got nutes at the end and it did fine all along. So I want to see how I do with no nutrients besides the soil unless it becomes necessary. I’m not looking for the biggest yields, I’m looking for the purest buds.

I use 3 gallon fabric pots and Happy Frog potting soil. I ph my tap water (my last grow I only used distilled but it was a hassle) to 6-7.

Blue Dream and Hindu Kush are in solo cups. Blue Dream is a seedling and Hindu Kush just got a taproot and went into the cup today. I know … I decided to plant those at the last minute. I wait until they have 4 leaves and then transplant.

Blueberry has not popped and it’s the third one so I think I need to reach out to ILGM.

The others you’ll see from the photos are looking great. They get full sun all day.

The mystery seed … i got a bag of seeds from China just to see what they were. Like 100 seeds for $20. They’re 3x the size of a regular MJ seed. Is that hemp?? I’m not sure so I just planted it to see what would grow. It hasnt popped either in the soil so I just put it in a paper towel today. Curious as to what they are.

Happy to take any advice ir suggestions.



Sorry I’m no help outside but I’m always looking to learn more. I’m along for the ride.

Looks like a good setup and selection of beans. I would say need some garden safe bug killer even just some diatomaceous earth for the small crawlers.

Off to a great start!

Hope you get a blueberry to pop - the ILGM BB is tasty.

So I’m getting a little nervous that I over did it with planting and that people will be able to see my tops. So I started topping the ones that have at least 4 nodes. Did I do it right? These are autos.

I keep getting flies on them. Is that a big deal? We do have lots of wild rabbits so I may need to put a screen or net around them once I put th down on the ground. They’re on a table right now to keep the critters away.

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I think they look good

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Guys I have a problem. I think moths are eating the leaves. Been checking for bugs and today I saw a moth in one of the leaves. Only the Skywalker OG looks like it’s been eaten but other plants have some spots.

I sprayed them with water and Dawn. Do they need ph balanced or nutes? @Bubblehead @Nicky @Viktor7 any advice ? These are planted in pots outdoors.

Sorry, I’m indoor only not much help with moths.

Welcome back @jmorse28 thanks for the tag, I’m going to back up to the start so hope you don’t mind. Stoked to see you go outdoors as I think it’s best for your situation.
First go back to your old thread and tag all the main people who helped you out there so that they can follow your new journal.

9! Wow this is going to be a handful but fun, stoked to follow, I’ve only done northern lights out door and was doing 30 at a time so my knowledge is limited but I’ll give you what I know and we can all learn moving forward. I will say I’m a month late with my 4 plants so I’ll be watching you closely.

Okay so are they all autos? Or are some photos?
I see you topped some of the autos, in the future don’t. Autos generally do best being left alone, don’t prune them, don’t top them, if you want to stress them do it with environmental changes like water PH and temp/humidity (doesn’t help much for outdoors) the weather alone will stress the autos enough for their liking.
3 gallon pots are small, generally used for photos before being put into 10 gallons.
They are still small so if they are autos I suggest you go get some 5-10 (outdoor I would do 10) and transplant them before they grow bigger roots and it stressed the autos. If their photos then just have the larger pots ready.
Also happy frog is good soil to start but your going to need FFOF or super soil, you could also actually plant them in the ground with a hole dug and filled with this richer soil. The bugs and organic matter for the msot part will be beneficial outdoors.

Now to your current issue, plants look healthy nutes wise, PH wise 6.4-6.8 is where you want to be watering and make sure you let your water sit to allow the chlorine evaporate for 24hr or get a bubbler for an aquarium to speed that up.
Looks like something has been eating your plants, personally I’ve never had this issue but I know the biggest tool in growers tool box for this type of stuff is neem oil. You spray the pant with it.

Do some research and start reading in the outdoor forums to see who’s the pros over there and what other people are doing/dealing with.

Hey Nicky. So it looks like it might be 7 or 8 plants because the blueberry is just showing a taproot now so it might be too late for that one and Hindu Kush FINALLY sprouted but it’s not really growing.

I was told to stay away from neem because it’s all chemical and bad to put in anything you plan to consume. I’m afraid of using large pots because I don’t want them to get too big where any nosy neighbors can see. I figured I’d top them in order to make them fat and bushy as opposed to tall. White Widow and Hindu Kush are the only fem ones. All the others are autos.

In the future stay away from autos they don’t take the topping very well…
You can do it but it can really stress them and stunt them damaging your yeild.

I see your strategy though, hence the 3 gallons. You will need to feed them the happy frog isn’t very hot soil. Now what I would suggest if you want to stay organic is buy or learn how to make Tea’s
@garrigan62 should be some help on your thread here he has a extensive weath of knowledge.

Get thee some SM-90 - it will help with bugs during this early part of the season.

Neem oil is also a good candidate for application while the plant is in veg.

Jacks Dead Bug can be applied to the plants up until the day of harvest (supposedly).

As for Neem oil being a chemical:

Been a few weeks. 2 of the plants are flowering. I did notice some spots on one of them. But hasn’t spread. I put them in cheap greenhouseatent and today the wind blew it over. snapped 2 stems. Hopefully they’re not too stressed.

Can I take the ones that broke and try to use them as clones? One that broke off is still in veg.

Here are pics from a few days ago.

You’re going to experience pest in outdoor grows. Simply unavoidable, however there are organic insecticides(neem) that will help but not eliminate. Be sure to watch your medium. Make sure nothing is there to harm root structure.

They’re in fabric pots. The soil her sucks so I didnt plant into the ground.

Hey guys. What can I do about these caterpillars? Circled in pics.

And this is how the rest of them are looking. 2 have flowered. Waiting on the other 4. Basically just have them outside in 3 gal pots. In Happy Grog soil and have only given them guano twice for nutes. Other than that, mostly rain water.

good until last day of flower

I assume it safe? Read a few reviews saying it killed their plants.

Hmm that’s what I been using

My plants still alive