First time Outdoor Grow Random Seed

I didnt expect these to grow so big!!


Looking great!




Looks great! Keep it up.


@ABoss killing it like a “Boss”!
Great job. I’ve always had great luck with bag seed. Happy Growing!

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Pot loves growing with tomatoes!

Awesome plants …

This is what she looks like now!
Crazy! I didn’t expect them to be so big!


I know the feeling man. My outdoor plants are twice as big as I planned. The sun wins again. Looks great!

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Boy do they look good. Keep up the good work

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Thank you! Running into an issue with not knowing what on the unearthly yellowing of my leaves is about…I’m pretty sure she needs N. I’ve used great medium with N. But with her size…she used it all.
I’ll test ph tomorrow.
Oh my

@Bushman2 Yeah but that’s usually not a good idea…Toms attract lots of budworm Catterpillars, too
@ABoss …Those look great!! My first photo/Romulan did that to me too,not that Im complaining but its grown so big and I didn’t do what you`ve done and support it and now some of the branches are breaking…Lookin good man!!

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Yes I found out how 1 little screw up can change your yeald.

Thanks man. Ima seed soul…bought 15 seeds, two sativa sisters, one hermit, two indica kids; and the clone that might yet flower again…

(Attachment is missing)

Took down the three boys…bro see wind is in my favour
Vamps a ver

Ph was 7
N looks Great…
Looks like my P was deficient