First time outdoor grow issue

First time I am growing outdoors. Just recently started to discolor. Started on one leaf and is now spreading. Is it Nut burn or deficiency or something else?

I am a beginner, I have indoor as well without the problem. I’m hoping its not to late.


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Looks like nute burn. More importantly the soil looks really dry.

Some more info would help. Like ph, nutrients being fed, what kind of soil.

Hey hey welcome to the community. You’ll find lots of help here to steer ya in the right direction. Agree with @shindig153 could be nute burn. Soil does look dry but no droopy leaves like they are begging for water. Could also be heat stress, what’s the daytime temps?

Yes top is dry, but over all the soil is moist. I am using fox farms veg although I’m starting to notice pre flower. I don’t want to switch to flower if that’s not it. The temps went over 100 degrees for about three days. Now temps are down to 92 at the high. My thought was heat, but the leaves look healthy otherwise I.e. no clawing.

I am also only feeding 1/2 strength every other watering with fox farms veg.

Sounds like it might have just got to hot. I’d go a couple rounds of just phed water see if they start making a comeback before going with flower nutes.

If it gets hot again would you just part shade vs direct sunlight?

Yes if you can stay on top of it, moving to shade on those hot days will help. Maybe even a fan if possible.

Thanks for you help. I’m trying to be careful with water and nutes so I couldn’t figure it out. Hopefully it will get back on track.

What soil are you in and how old is the plant? As mentioned above, you should be phing every time you add water. Not a bad idea to figure out what your ph is and ppm on run off. Knowing that will tell you if it is any other issue other than heat. For instance in Ff soil, you dont even need nutes for 4-6 weeks. Make sure your ppm and ph are in range.

Yeah, what @Bow4Buck just said, we kinda need the important info? One thing I can see with the naked eye is a black nursery pot in the blazing hot sun! Those roots are not happy! That I can promise you. If you want that plant to be able to uptake moisture and nutrients it wont be able to do it with soil temps well over 100 American! Cover that baby up with white clothe or shade it with a board or anything. Then we deal with soil type and feed / dont feed and possibly the obviously super important PH in/ Out and watering frequency. We CAN make this work…

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Thank you for the advice…I will cover the soil as suggested. Hopefully it will recover nicely, although smaller yield no doubt. I have smart pots coming for future grows as well. I’m trying to avoid beginners mistakes, but I checked some boxes for sure. Cheers to bigger yields in future grows.