First time outdoor grow in tx

Be careful with the neem oil…that ish will burn your leaves

I’ve been using a neem oil solution with my outdoor plants for months now and using it very heavily. It doesn’t seem to have affected any of them in a negative way whatsoever. The only thing I can see is that the leaves are kind of shiny in the sunlight but other than that they’re all good to go in my pest problems have stopped completely.

Overwatering was confusing for me in the beginning. It’s the frequency people get wrong, not the amount at the time of watering so much. In other words if you pour 10 gallons of water in, ya it’s not great, but it’s not as bad as watering .25 gallon every 6 hours in other words.

Yeah, very careful with those high temps. It can kill your plants very fast. Water is your friend.

Can anybody tell me what’s going on here with these spots?

Looks like a leaf hopper or caterpillar. A little Captain Jacks Deadbug will clear it up. I apply every 3 days until the problem stops. Then atleast once a week as a preventative measure.

Has anybody else’s plants grow only 9 inches tall and start budding

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Grow heat tolerant plants

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I almost lost two plants in 5 gal bags due to the heat wave up here in IL. a couple of months ago. I had to trim them down dead leaves everywhere but now they have recovered well and growing flowers.