First time outdoor grow in tx

@Deserteagle thanks. So far my babies are looking good.


So I have a ? Guys. Can I fix a broke stem on a seedling.

Should be able to as long as it didn’t break off completely I break stems and branches on purpose. Not usually to a seedling but I’ve accidentally broken a few babies if they don’t die right away they usually survive.

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@plumbdand thanks alot I waz worried she would die I just found her like that when I got home for lunch. I stood her up with a paper clip.

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I’m outdoors in Kansas….I’ve started bagseeds one of which is apparently an auto cause it’s in full flower mode…anyways….I’ve put up nothing in terms of shade or anything and we’ve had 100+ heat indexes already and a week that was nonstop rain almost 7” …I neglected all my plants just too see if they could take all this crazy weather….they’re flourishing….mainly I worry about the roots when it comes to heat. If your roots are deep enough and have enough cover that the sun can’t heat up the underside of your plants I think they’ll do fine with adequate water and nutrients. Feel free to click my profile and find the link to my journal for maybe some insights to what a newbie might encounter or want to try :sunglasses::+1:t2:Welcome to the forum

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Today is week one of my lil ones and I waz wondering is it to soon to start feeding them my nukeheads veg ?

What kind of soil are you using? I wouldn’t start nutes unless the packaging on it says you can use it during seedling stage which if it does then by all means start em up…otherwise prolly wait til they’re in veg and matured more

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@grizZz I using

The nute levels in the soil are low so if your nutes are ok to use for seedlings then go ahead and start them….most of the things I’ve read about soil growing and nutes concerning your seedlings is that nutes burn or stunt seedlings really easy…just be cautious and read the directions on your nute packaging for better clarity on when your plants will need them

@grizZz thanks alot for the info it really helps alot. I’m using nuke heads Nutrients do u know anything about them?

You’re quite welcome! And sorry I don’t have any experience using them as im currently using the Fox Farm nutes for soil. Im sure someone will come along and be able to tell you how they are….when in doubt use half strength at first…less is always more with cannabis it’s counter intuitive but is working for me to be gentle :rofl:

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It’s working for me too to use half of the recommended strength for feeding my girls. Less is best is my saying.

So I just got some happy frog soil. Is there any tips that I Should know about use this soil ? I also have nukeheads Nutrient that I’m planning on using. The grow I’m about to start is outdoors and the strands are wedding cake, zkittles. Thanks for all the info in advance.

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Just know that you won’t have to worry about feeding them for a month or so when using fox farms. It takes about that long for your plants to eat up all the nutrients that come in that particular soil and FYI the fox farm ocean forest soil is hotter as in the soil vs the happy frog has more nutrients. Good choice for soil and most of us on here use one or the other. Happy growing buddy

Thanks @TRF I appreciate the advice.

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Hey guys so not to sure if my Zkittles is supposed to look like this? My Gelato looks nothing like my other one and I’m doing the same for both. Zkittles is in pic#1and Gelato in pic # 2

Could you be more specific?

The zkittlez just don’t look to good. Had water ph 6.0 to 6.3 no Nutrient yet.and I’ve been watering them only when they need it. Just can figure out why she’s not looking so good

How do I get rid of Nats that r in my soil

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Jacks dead bug brew you can use up until harvest. Neem oil you can use in Veg.