First time one plant grow


A question from a fellow grower:

I have never grown a plant of any kind before but I have done a lot of research on first time growing. I really want to grow a 100% sativa plant or at least 90%. I live in Mississippi and the temp here is around 30 to 50 degrees thru the winter. I am planning on using my one man shower. It’s a small bathroom with one window. I want to cover the top with plastic and hang a light over it. My question is, will this work? Also, tell me exactly what light I should buy for growing in that small space only growing 2 plants at a time. And could you recommend a sativa that a beginner could grow successfully if there are any.


I am a first time grower and close to harvesting. Would you consider growing a auto flowering strain?. As far as lighting it depends on your budget.


I’m going to try some Colombian Gold (80% sativa) this winter there’s others here who have grown it & could probably give you more info or you could search it, I’m not sure what ilgm has for sativas as I’m more of a indo fan but I would definitely check them out first

As far as lights, do you want LEDs or HIDs? …with your temperatures HIDs would help raise it a bit, but then you’d have to consider ventilation ?
-best of luck! :thumbsup:


I would Definetly go with the(ILGM) White Widow feminized, 5 seeds for $50 and you get 5 free, very forgiving plant to grow, easy to grow, great yield, good for beginners.Unfortunately its 40-60% Indica dominant , THC at 18%.
Another would be the AK47 feminized,35-65% Sativa dominant with a 20% THC this is at 5 seeds for $50.
And the best part, right now Robert is adding $5 off from a First purchase buy!! Only at ILGM !!!
These plants can be pruned , topped twisted and bent to fit in any space!!


But the sounds fishy my mate. Our new friend here wants sativa as close 100% as possible. I love my wwautos to mate but these aint even close to what hes asking bout… but yes the 5 free on them is good. I personally love them. You will see mine next bom contest fishy. Huge harvest its gunna be this run.


Yeah I know , but , A first time grow is a special thing, I was only leaning torward an Easy growing plant, try to learn the basics before moving to more complex grows, seeds are expensive.
I can hardly wait to see your next grow, did you say WW autos ?


Well i must agree 100% with fishtrap. I have tortured ww autos in the past and still got an ounce a plant. Yes im running my ww autos now. I had my journal but im not posting pics atm. I want to keep these out of eye sight untill bom contest next month. I want to win some seeds like you did


welcome to the ILGM Forum .400 watt would probley be as big as you need in that small area .:smiley: AS to a strain i would go with a ILGM strain such as AK47 or Jack harrier .both are sativa Dominate and easy to grow .
Hammer .