First time nutes

Hello guys. First time adding nutes to the white widow feminized puppies here. They’re about 2 weekish in veg. I was only feeding RO water with cal mag.

I did some LST by pullilng both the tops to the side via twine and so far looks like they’re doing fine. I added 1 gallon of ro water with half the ff schedule including calmag cause of ro to water both plants. Maybe I’m over thinking but should I put 1 gallon of water per 5gl cloth pot? And I measured the PPM after doing half of the recommened does and it measured at 500 instead of the recommened 1500 on the chart… But given I did half a dose of nutes do i follow half the recommneed ppm?


It looks like you’re using FF liquid trio, so you want to feed and water to full runoff, every time. 15-20% of what you put in should come out. Be sure to let them dry pretty well between watering/feeding. Don’t let the bags sit in a tray or pan and soak the solution back up. Elevate them so that you can collect runoff and check the numbers. A 5 gallon bag may take more than a gallon to get the runoff you need.

If you are using RO water, your PPM’s will be on the lower side, as there is a zero TDS content in the water. My tap water is around 170ppm, so when i mix my nutes, at full strength, PPM’s comes out between 11-1200. If I use filtered, dehumidifier water, with very little ppm, my solution comes out to almost 1000 exactly. Different nutes tho.


I can’t see how the twine is secured to the stem. You do not want it tight or tied with a knot. I like to use RapidClip soft ties around the stem. Also RapidClip wire ties for longer lengths.
Regarding fox farm ppms - note that the feed chart uses the 700 scale. Make sure your ppm pen is set to 700. Better yet, use EC.
EC = 1, 1EC = 700 or 500 depending on scale used.

I punch holes around the top of my pots to secure the LST ties. I also use binder clips attached to the top. What ever it takes to do the job.


Im not sure if WW has a genetic pre disposition to red stems or not. If not they can point to some stress ir underlying issue. I notice you use RO water suplementing calmag to give it that tap water mineral count, which is spot on. May wish to go calmag on feed days and some epsom on water only days.

Nute issues that cause red stems are often mag deficiency and phos deficiency. Since not flowering I lean towards mag (something I have been dealing with myself.) Overwatering and over intense light, (which tou dont appear to have any issues of) along with temp swings of 5-10 degrees between night and day temps can also contribute.

To be clear Im Not saying any of these things are something you have going on, your plants look great, I just noticed the red stems on WW and thought Id share the knowledge some.

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Yes. When I used FF liquids and a 5gal pot it took about 1.5 gallons to get the 20% runoff.

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I looped it around the top to pull it to a 90 degree and the opposite direction so it wont uproot. I ordered some of those soft plant ties and will refashion them.

Good information about the PPM’s. I’m going to start using EC after reading more into it.

Recently lst these babies with soft wires, got rid of some fan leaves, which i regret as I read they carry lots of nutrients for flowering time. And I’ve noticed one of the leafs has rust looking spots on them… Any idea what they are?

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