First time newbie outdoor grow

I ordered black widow and banana kush seeds from ilgm in April, 5 ea. In May I germinated 2 ea. Only 2 sprouted Unfortunately I got them mixed up and don’t know witch ones they are.
I also sprouted some bag seeds about 2 weeks after that from some despensery weed.
I started them indoors for about a month then transplanted them outside in a small portable greenhouse. I mixed some mulch I had in my yard with the soil from my garden. My garden has been fertilized by my duck pond for the last 10 years.
I put in a drip system and misters. I live in the high desert. On a well.
The 2 ilgm plants started flowering early August I think and the 2 despensery plants started flowering early September.
I have not given them any nutrients but my duck pond is only a few feet from my Greenhouse. Last week I had to build another larger greenhouse over the small one and take the small one out.
I’ve only been reading on this forum for a week or so and from what I’ve been reading there are all kinds of things I’ve probibly done wrong but my plants are kicking ass anyway.
I first came on this forum because I thought I might have a Hermie but don’t think so anymore.
Then I saw a moth on one of my plants and found a werm so I read up and got info on here on how to get rid of them.
Now I’m researching on nutrients and stuff for flowering plants.
Should I just leave things alone and keep doing what I’ve been doing What do you guys think


I also posted some pics in bud porn
Here’s some more


I think your doing a great job.


I think I’m about 3 weeks out on the ilgm plants and 4 or 5 weeks out on the others. All plants have no brown pistles yet.

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You are doing a great job. Keep it up. You may want to get some bloom booster nutes and add a few weeks before they’re done. The high pk will kick the plants into over drive and buds will swell

If I was a betting man, I’d say that last picture you posted of your bud is your black widow :wink:

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So where can I get some Bloom booster nutrients what brand and how do I apply it

I’m on my second grow and as compared to last year my plants are way bigger and I have way more bud sites. Problem is, I’m in week 4 of flower and they just seem so small… But I also have no idea what strain. Got em from a guy who grows, but was busted. Got his babies last year and did ok, but the female was pollinated. So from those seeds I got some nice plants. Buds are just small.

Two of my plants will be ready before the others
Any thoughts on how to get 48 hours of dark before harvest without affecting the other two