First time need help

I have 4 WW fem from ILGM and 2 Green crack autos. the first 2picks are the ww other is gc. I don’t think they look good.

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Don’t over water. Wait til the soil is next to boneee dry, or just and say 20ml per day. If you check out my first pictures you’ll see in Mclovins lovin his first grow that mine looked like shizzle to, just keep humidity high, temps around 75 and don’t over water is my advice. Also when watering go outside in so the roots have to grow out to find water. Good luck hom3s

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Learned a trick on here for watering young plants. Simply take a cup and place over the seedling and then poor water over the top of the cup. This way you will be watering from the outside in. It worked like a charm for me. Say and don’t over water let them dry out.


As others have said let them dry out a bit.
I watery seedlings with a spray bottle and only
Moisten the soil around the base of the plant to start. You won’t really need to water the entire pot until they get a bit bigger.
If you can cut the top off a few 1 liter soda bottles and put them over the plants to create a dome, this will help hold in moisture and raise the humidity.

They don’t look too bad just a bit overwatered. Letting them dry out will help them out.

Happy growing.

@McLovin777 @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie Thanks will let them dry out. How long should I mist them with water. I have them underT8 5200k is that good for now I have 3 900 watt Meizhi leds for later or now.

Lol 3 900 meizhi XD that would cover 10 robust plants dude, use the t8 for a food month at least if say, peachfuzz grows veg only with t5s and his are 5, 6 foot tall…

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When they are young I usually mist the top soil around the base of the plant I usually spray pretty heavy to let some water penetrate down in. You don’t want it to get dry but you don’t want it wet, got to find a happy medium. :+1::v::+1:

If you want you can measure how much the pot and soil weighs dry then wet. Then you can kind of figure out from there.

@Smokin_ernie @Jmesser80 @McLovin777 I do have sand that I want to put a inch or two on them. 5gl smart pots 2/3 ffof top 1/3 ffhf also have flower power nutes. the GCAuto should b done in 10 weeks.

Sorry not to sure about the sand. Haven’t come across that before in my researching. Is it to keep out bug or something?

I read that it stops knats from coming up then they die.

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Cool thanks learn something new today!

That fox farm ocean can be tricky with young pants. Some people have no issues with it. Just wanted to mention it cause you most likely won’t need to give them any nutes for a while. Not sure about the sand I’ve never used it myself.

The last 2 gallons of dirt is happy frog. I won’t water for a couple days and see what happens.

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@McLovin777 I will use 2 most of the time I have about 30 ft to cover. For the price I just got another to have just in case want Quality before quantity (lol)

You can always chuck a light my way brother reng 《3 wish I went with new ones… oh so badly

@McLovin777 @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie They all look better leaves are more straight out. I switched to 1 led light couldn’t get temps above 72 without any air. with the led and intake and exhaust on low I’m at 76 with 58% humidty. Light is 36 inches have them. do you guys think that’s good. Thanks for the help

Your temp should be ok at 75 and the humidity should be alright (could be a little higher) but should be ok. As for the light distance I don’t use LEDs so I don’t want to stear you wrong @Smokin_ernie or @McLovin777 might know the answer that.

Fax Farm Ocean works great for me. From start to present. I was using spray bottle method around base in small pots once per day just to moisten, but now starting in full size buckets with my drip system, except tuned just to very small drip about 1 inch outside of plant when watering happens 3x per day. But in southern NV we are in triple digits every day now, so watering is also cooling. I have not been giving any sort of nutes until at least a foot or so older.
Good luck

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @McLovin777 @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie This is what they look like today 15 days counting soak for 24hrs. Frist 2 r ww last green crack auto. Any advise would b Great. Thanks