First Time Need Help Please

This is a BB Auto from ILGM
I’m just looking for the obvious from you all.
Is it ready?
What is her problem?
I don’t want to get into the whole nutrient environment deal right now.
I’ve come this far and would like to hear feedback.
I’ll gladly answer any questions to provide constructive comments.
And go!!!


Not even close…
Maybe 4 to 8 weeks left of flowering…
Is she on 12/12 light cycle and what is your ph… ?

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You cant ignore what is obviously her biggest problem and ask whats her deal…

Looking at leaves? You nuked her with N at some point (alot of burnt tips) on both plants.

The pistil production honestly doesnt look bad. She should yield nicely if those leaves can hang on for a couple more weeks.

The super colorful one… im so not sure. The burnt tips come back into play. Did that JUST happen? Or was it earlier in the grow? If it was recent, ur ph may not be out of wack and she’s just a colorful blueberry… if it (burnd tips) happened earlier in veg? Id be checking ph… thats alotta colors. Honestly back to the first statement… environment? Is it under 70 at night? Could be that simple.

These leaves are clawing… looks like recent N toxicity. So pH maybe fine.

Full circle… whats your low temps? :joy:


She is on 18/6 and has been since day 1

She was put in NFTG#4 with the bottom 3rd amended with Natures Living Auto as per the instructions.
I started top dressing with Roots Organic Foundation and Bloom once a week for the last 3 weeks. I did this because she started looking bad
I thing overnight temps are above 70, as day temps are 80+
PH has always been 6.5-6.8 going in.
I have not tested runoff yet.
Tricomes are cloudy but no amber yet.

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How do I tag people?

Put an @
In front of the name. Sorry i clicked and read and forgot to reply. Forgot about the post… effing weed. @peachfuzz you’ve been summond

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@PurpNGold74 and @peachfuzz
So, any other thoughts or comments related to my deal?
Anyone else?
Just trying to connect the dots and get better at this.

She doesnt look bad. Maybe over colorful for the age/stage. But @OlyBoy98503 ladies are just as colorful just as soon

I see the burned tips but believe you’ve got a deficiency or two: I see signs of clawing but very light green to yellow leaves. I’d say nute burn from N excess at some point and now has lowered to deficiency levels. P or Mg defs as well (or both).

I’d double check the way I was measuring (hopefully digital pen type PH meter) to make sure input is correct. I would also do a runoff test for both PH and TDS: lets see what salts are coming off your media.


Runoff of ph and ppm’s would help tremendously…
Also how much of what are you feeding right now at this stage…?
Plants need different things at different stages of life , but they will also need a ph that is suited for the stage of growth also…
You’ve got alot going on and no way to test it…:thinking:
You need some tool’s my friend and than we can get you all straight…
But as of now just let the plants ride and don’t overwater which I’m sure is an issue as well just from looking at them… :+1::wink:

@Myfriendis410 I’m using the Blue Labs PH tester every time I water. I have to use ph down to get to 6.5
@peachfuzz currently watering when the pot gets light to lift. Probably over watering a month ago.
Current feeding was one tsp Roots foundation and 1tsp roots bloom once a week. I skipped this week because I was going to harvest soon so flush was my thought.
How much runoff should I have?
1 cup?
Using a 5 gallon fabric pot

A couple of cups would do fine. Take your sample from the second cup or last 20% of runoff.

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I don’t see those purples unless my overnight temps dip into the low 50s/high 40’s.

Ppm/tds runoff numbers might confirm possibility of a lockout for P.

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@Myfriendis410 @Drinkslinger
I’m on it.
Tomorrow I will report back with numbers.
This has all been very helpful.
Thank you.


That too: good call.

Temps are in the 80’s maybe mid 70’s at night

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The coloring of your plant looks remarkably like the colors of my plant when it was in week 4 or 5 of flower. But I’m finishing up week 7 of flower and I’m not showing any amber trichomes.

However, my daytime temps rarely crack 70 degrees F and nights can be/have been down in the high fifties and low sixties. My plants are a little darker. I’ll tag you in my grow.

I certainly cannot give any advice on nutrients that people who know more have already said. I defer to their experience.

But I think your plant is completely salvageable. When your plant is finished with those leaves it’s going to suck every last nutrient out of them and drop them off. So don’t touch them. continuing following the nutrient program that you have received above. Your plants are going to be fine.

Readings from runoff. All taken on the Blue Labs testers
PH 6.8
PPM on the 500 scale 1550
PPM on the 700 scale 2180
I don’t know the difference between the 2
EC 3.1
Any and all feedback is welcome.
Thanks in advance

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