First time need help- autos

I am having some trouble and would like to use some of the professionals input on these pictures. Any tips, or any help at all is deeply appreciated all 3 plants are different strains. They are all auto and we’re all started at the same time. Foxfarm is the nutrition cycle. I am worried about the one in the front? Is this a hermi?

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The one in front is basically a full blown male dude, get that out of your tent ASAP. Kill it, destroy it, dump water on it, burn it… all of the above (jokes…for some). The rest look fine.


Yup, that’s a male! Full blown! I would pull! But it looks a little late. Gonna have some seeds.

Get it out asap. Spray the sxxx out of it with water tockeep pollen from going everywhere, put a large bag over it. You’re going to have seeds from the rest of your grow. Sorry for the loss.


Agree with all of that :arrow_up:


Doesnt look like a hermie to these eyes. Blind. The seeds should be viable. Better eyes will confirm no flowers I am sure. If all male good seeds.

let it grow, let it grow,.
Let him ature and mine for seeds in a month.
Start your new seedlings, now, elsewhere.
And, as all above said, wash tent, fans, planters, and de-pollen everything (or not, if seeds are cool).
In the future, pull the males ASAP
Good growing lessons are painful to learn or experience.
Good growing to you.


That’s a bummer no hermie , male plant.