First time Monster cropping clone with ilgm gl


My first clone how does it look it is 1 week old gold leaf that I started from seed it was 2 weels in to flowering when I took the clone I put it under a 300w led for 72 hours to turn it back to veg state it the leaves where I clipped the fan leaves off already growing it looks beautiful to me but I don’t really know what I am looking at it is my first time doing this any tips or pointers would be appreciated



You should clip that little bud off and in about 5 to 7 days it should start getting a good root system going you’re going to have some weird growth since you took it in flower


This is known as a super crop. The little thing will go through an extra photosynthesis stage. I will look weird and growth will slow for the first month. When you see 3 finger leaves again you may be able to put back into flower but I suggest you wait an extra 2-3 weeks. You will have 2 major stalks housing 8-15 major colas. No under growth except those stalks that you will have to prop up to support. Smart move. These type crops almost double your original plant size if you’re patient. This is mine its fairly old.

As you can see the bud development begin it forms from stalk on many branches early.
Because buds start lower on branches the colas are elongated more.


This is my monster cropped clone looked much like yours a month or so ago @justin88
They take a little Time to reroot and revert to veg fyi but once they do woohoo
They will look worse before they look better also
@Viktor7 super cropping and moster cropping are two different things fyi
Other wise your advice was solid

Here a few links that explains them


Sorry bud moment I meant monster crop


I figured that but wanted to point it out brother :wink:
For the newbies that will read this later
All good @Viktor7


She is beautiful


Very nice I hope mine does that good


You do fine it can be 3-4 weeks before you see new growth on your clone
Since your doingbit in soil i also start mine in soil well a 50-50 mix perilite and vermiculite
Foliiar feeding is a goid aybto get nutrients in them until roots develope fyi


I am thinking about taking about taking 3 more clones i have 2 gold leaf plants both are 3 weeks into flowering now I was thinking about taking 1 more from the plant this clone came from and 2 from the other how late in the flowering stage can you take a monster clone from the mother plant


You can take them on into mid flower buy the further in flower you take them the longer/ more difficult it is to re-veg
Oh and by the way I have always heard and read that you don’t cut the flower off the clones. Leave it be , and she’ll do fine


I have 4 blueberry autos 4 northern lights autos and 2 gold leaf fem and the clone all are growing in a homemade organic soil that I composted it seems to be working great all are doing very good the 8 autos should be ready for harvest in about 2 weeks I’m thinking they will be around. 3-4 oz each


Thanks I have read the same that was my next question


I dont cut the flower off it will eventually fall off naturally
@Nug-bug has you covered @justin88
Take cuttings from the lower part of mother plant as well they will reroot better then top cuttings
Do you use cloning gel or powder?


This is my first clone but I used garden safe take root powder on it


That’s the powder I use. From wally world. Works like a charm


A few months down the road can I take a monster cropping clone from this monster cropping clone


Yeah its a good idea to use any of the clone powders or gels thats why i was asking it doesn’t matter to me which brand lol @justin88
Yeah you can either take clones from the same mother plant if you keep her in a veg state or do as you mentioned and keep cloning the clones
Many ofvthe members actually have separate spaces just for there mothers
@Donaldj was playing with grafting so he can habe one mother with different strains woohoo