First time "MJ" grower, looking for sum knowledge

I got ilgm auto mix 2.0 beans, using a htg 400w hps/mh light, and :fox_face: farm soils. My ?s are, what do the numbers on packets that the beans come in mean anything? And what size tent would be better with the 400w HPS/MH, a 3x3x6 or a 32"x32"x63"?? Tia to all that help

If you mean the writing on the seed packs they mean auto flower, female, name of plant all abr. Letters. If that is what you meant if not I tried to answer sorry.

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The first letters are the abbreviation of the strain. If it’s followed by FAP it is an auto. It it’s followed by FP it is a feminized photo. The number that follows is the number of seeds in the bag.

Example: BCK-FP5 = blackberry kush, photo, 5 seeds.

Thanks guys for answering, but I’m referring to these numbers?

Probably nothing, jus want to make sure it’s not for nutes or soils?

That’s interesting. Haven’t seen those before. Hopefully they’re not the date the seeds were packed, lol

now i want to check my bags too

Right…lol. I just got them about 2 weeks ago, 1st time ordering/growing, so I’m checking to be sure, don’t wanna mess anything up.

this is my first grow too good luck i got the same mix pack heres some ogk and bbg

day 60 or so on the top pic [ogk} a little further back on the second [bbg]

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Looking good to me man!!! What’s your setup, tent size, light???

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Debating on a 3x3x6 or a 32 x32 x63 tent?

Taller is better for me. More options for light levels. A taller tent can be a life saver if plants got too big in veg and now are hitting lights! Buy the size you need vs. $$. Many end up buying tents and lights twice when they figure out the initial buy isn’t adequate for their needs after the first grow.

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i got a 4x4 with 4 288 qbs for lights look into quantum boards from hlg theyre great.

@Reticence thats what happened to me now i have 2 tents and about 300 dollars in crappy lighting lol and i have about 500 in good lighting this expiriment has cost me well over 1800 dollars when it could have costed 800

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Look for an 80" high tent or you will run out of space.

Cld be dates the seeds were originally harvested maybe?

I hear ya. I have 8x4, 4x4 and 2x4 tents. Two awesome chinese blurple lights that advertised at 1000 watt, claimed to pull 100 watts from wall and actually pull 34 watts each. Oh yah, and the LEDs are burning out a couple at a time!!!
The HLG 320s I have are great lights.

Many new folks are in a hurry to get started (like I was) and go cheap. Rinse and repeat all over the forum! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: :thinking:

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preach them facts lol RESEARCH before you buy anything for growing indoors. make sure you can keep the said room cool enough also

Hey I’m guilty, I planted some bagseed n once I actually harvested it n smoked it I went on one buying stuff! Glad to know I’m not the only one

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