First time - Minigun Auto Outdoors


Decided to give LST a shot on the smaller of them to see how things go over the next few days. Hoping that I’ve got it tied off correctly to get the most out of it.

As the top keeps growing can/should I keep bending it along the circumference of the pot to maximize exposure further?


I believe things are coming along nicely since the start of LST a few days ago. Feels like things have really started to take off.

The biggest seems to have stopped with the nute burn after flushing last week. Would it be wise to remove those damaged leaves of am I better to leave them on?


Working a bit more on the LST and one plant is continuing to show some great progress. The other two haven’t started to show sex yet, but this one is well on her way I believe.

@Hogmaster I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve seen from a few other posts that you are an expert on autos. Is there any advice you would have based on how things are progressing? This is my first time with these.


Worried that I may have done a bit of damage to the smaller of the 3. Things were going well and I had decided to change the tie down point yesterday to get the new growth a bit further over since the original LST attempt. This was yesterday evening. Since that time the top has still not rotated upright again like the others. Is there anything I should be doing to help? I’ve rotated it so it’s currently pointing in a direction to get a bit more sun exposure to see if that helps.

The others have seemed to have responded great to the second round.


Don’t worry, it’ll pop back up as soon as the stem grows a little.


fingers crossed I hope so.
@raustin Thank you very much for your help and encouragement on this first round! :slight_smile:


Things look to have recovered nicely on the one I was concerned about.


Things seem to be progressing well. Still shocked that only one of the 3 seems to have gone into flower, the others are at least 10 days behind at this point.

In other news, they have a new sibling.

I do have a question about the peat pellets though. When the time comes do you remove the netting before planting or go as is?