First time - Minigun Auto Outdoors

First time trying my hand at this and hoping that I may be able to get a bit of advice from the knowledgeable folk around here. Planted 3 minigun auto seeds that had been germinated using the paper towel method on June 6. As of the weekend they have been transplanted into 3gal smart pots where they will stay. Two look too be doing very well, one noticeably smaller with a few deformations on the first set of 3 fingert leaves. I’ve been noticing a bit of browning on the tips of the leaves, does anybody know what may be causing this? I’ve attached a few photos.

Strain: Minigun - Auto

Soil in pots - Pro-Mix All Purpose

What is strength of nutrient mix?12-6-6



That’s nuts burn


What soil are you using, it looks like nute burn.


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Your plants look fine to me…you should fill out a support ticket to that folks will have the information required to offer assistance when needed.

The minor deformations are not generally of concern, they will likely out grow this.


It is Pro-Mix All-Purpose Soil Mix. It was the best I could find readily available at the time.

Promix is good, though I’ve never used it myself. Does it have nutrients in it? Also have you been feeding?

The nute burn you have is minimal and really nothing to worry about.


Looks like slight nute burn nothing to worry yet if your using good soil with nutes You should only feed water for first couple months


Yes I have also fed - twice now - with a ProMix organic based 12-6-6. 1 week in-between.

Ok, just pull back on the feedings, so if you’re feeding full strength then go to half strength for a few feedings. Once she gets bigger, go back up to full strength. It really is very minor and nothing to worry about.


Thank you very much for the advice!

The first sets of five fingers have started to show on the largest and smallest of the 3.

I’ve modified the post to be within the grow journal section of the forum.


Nice. I think they look alot better.


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I’ve noticed both yesterday evening and early this morning that it looks like something may be doing a bit of digging in the pots. I’d suspect a squirrel or a chipmunk as the area is fairly well fenced and blocked against creatures coming in along the ground. Is there anything natural that is safe to spray around the area? I’ve been reading about cayenne but not sure if it’s only good to protect against insects.

I use something called Rodent Sheriff for mice, but I have one squirrel that I feed peanuts to daily and he seems kind of confused since I started spraying this stuff. It won’t get rid of them completely, but it does confuse their sense of smell so that they stay away.

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Thank You, I’ll try taking a look for something along those lines to see if it helps!

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Looks like they may be getting ready to start some side branching / additional growth. Is there anything specific I should be looking for or paying attention to at this stage? Different water requirements, feeding, etc? Would it be smart to look in to doing some LST once the growth gets a bit further along? Any guidance would be immensely appreciated.

It’s been a few warm and humid days in a row now. The nute burn on the one plant looks to be getting a bit worse, but the other two have been doing fantastic. Not sure if I should wait and see how things are going in a few days with the one, or if it is something that needs action.

I’ve tried flushing the one Pot to see if that helps from causing any further damage. fingers crossed I hope it helps.

Things seem to have slowed down a bit with the nute burn on the one since the flush on the weekend and all three seen to me picking up the pace in growth. Would it be too soon to start lst?

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It’s been just over a month now since the beans were dropped for germination. I’d be very interested to see any opinion on how things are going so far. This is my first time in many years trying this out and first time ever with autos. Do things seem to be on track growth-wise? Being outdoor should things be further ahead? I would have thought there’d be a bit more development with 4 of the reported 10 weeks past. Below is the larger of the 3.

Also, in this second picture of the smaller one, would this be the start of pre-flowering?