First time manifolding. 4 plants

Hey, this pic you shared earlier is your problem. You likely have flying aphids. The adults can fly and look like knats. The eggs were probably already in your dirt your using. This pic u shared is an aphid. They will suck your plant dry and can cause them to hermie and are a pain to get rid of if they get out of control. Beneficial insects are the only true way I’ve found. I like big fat lady bugs. But I also don’t like spinosad or soap, personally. The further your leaves are from your dirt the better. Maybe others have some better advice for them, definitely don’t let them go. They will explode come flowering season because they love that terpene juice and they will literally get stuck in your budz brotha…

Bugs aren’t only way I got rid of aphids easily thrips easily… spidermites…not so much so count your blessings…sns203 soil drench foliar spray 100% safe and organic its rosemary oil clove oil and glicerides …that works great and safe … pyrethrins any brand work great on aphids . Prevacyn that’s a lil harsher attack on humans just for the sake is it’s essentially pepper spray a garlic and capsaicin mixture from general hydroponics… captain Jack’s dead bug I believe is an insecticidal soap …miracle grow safer soap …I dont refomend neem that often because alot of ppl use it early and get re infested sunflower and dont think twice about hitting there flowers with with is big no no can poison humans its organic but dosent mean its safe… poison arrow frogs…there organic … black widow spiders…ORGANIC …so that being said hes a lil article about it what neem can do to you

Pretty nasty stuff but I used everyone of those I listed above except neem and cptn Jack’s…I live in florida where bugs change your daily plans it’s bad down here man

Oh. Yea i don’t grow outside because the one and only grow i had out there, got infested during flower with spider mites. I figured it had to be something because shiny translucent bubbles aren’t supposed to be there. Where do they need to be hit? Foliage? Soil? Both?

I like the idea of sns203 if it works. I douse my basement with peppermint oil every few weeks to keep animals/insects out.

Some of the best stuff I’ve come across…

So next monday will be the start of week 3 in flower. I checked my ppms with my nute solution last night…800ppm. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but the Fox Farms feeding schedule says i should be closer to ~2000 ppm. If that is the case, should i increase the amount of nutes? And if so, which ones? I’m not experienced enough to know if they could handle more nutes…

Hey guys, I’m thinking about growing some autos while these plants flower, so i have another set ready shortly after these, and then my clones should be ready to flower after the autos as well…thoughts? Advice?

They seem happy

Starting to show flowers:
White Widow #2

And some trunk pics:
Ww #2



Great job

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Thanks. Also, thanks for following along.

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No problem glad to help

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Clones doing well. Smallee ones have an odd light green/bumpy look on a couple.

So @fano_man, @Arrow, @Nicky, my humidity floats right around 55%. What should my temps be during flower? I was looking at the vpd chart that @Nicky shared early on, and according to that chart, during flower with 55% humidity, i should be around 80 degrees F. Or 27° C. Does that fit? I don’t want to cook my girls…

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They seem happy with the extra airflow. I turned the exhaust fan up to speed 3 (6" infinity fan) because humidity was too high


Looking good, :ok_hand: anything between 25/and 27 you in max sweet spot…let’s hear what the others have to say…:sunglasses::v:


Leaf temps are 68° F. But im struggling raising temps even with the heater.

68 is exceptable… if your struggling with 68 with lights on what’s your lights off temp?

I have the ventilation and heating running at all times so it stays around the same temp with lights off too.

I was able to resituate my heater temp and fan to get the heat up to about 72

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You know what your aiming for and @Arrow confirmed that information.
Biggest struggle is figuring out how to rig your system up so you are playing God best you can with the plants lives lol.
Keep an eye on the VPD chart, if your plants are putting out enough humidity you don’t need your humidifier then that’s fine just turn it off and ensure your exhaust fan is running to control high humidity because high Temps seem not to be your problem. The more you crank your light the more best it produces to. Your plants look a good size ide be running that light at max power