First time manifolding. 4 plants

Fed the White Widows today. Gave them Sensi Bloom A and B, Voodoo Juice, and their first dose of Big Bud. While I had them out, I pruned the lower branches that weren’t going to make it, and some hidden bud sites mostly on #1:


They look healthy to me and no signs of nute issues yet like the last run.



I added another fan under the canopy blowing up through the plants. I need to upgrade to 6 inch fans. These little 4 inch ones don’t push enough air. I wish I could find a decent 6 inch oscillating fan that has a better attachment to the tent pole. Those clips are shit. I’m not surprised because they are cheap Amazon fans.


Also, in a fit of rage and frustration with life’s battles and stress, I chopped down my 2 Bubba kush plants and Bubba kush clones that were rooting. So these 4 white widows are all I have going now.
I’m looking into/buying the materials to start/try a small aeroponics build. I didnt have the time to manage all the plants I had in different stages, so I’m starting over in the veg tent. Hopefully I can get this aeroponics build going and ease my growing pains a bit.

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Fed #4 yesterday with Bloom a and b, Big bud, and Voodoo Juice.

Also pruned a couple short low branches that weren’t going to do good.

Update on the Widows

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Fed #1,2 and 3 today with week 3 nutes, Sensi Bloom A and B, Big Bud, and B-52. 3 gallons each. Testing some defoliation techniques on the girls during flower.

Clone #2,and 3 got pretty heavy defoliation aside from a few on the main colas.


#1 got defoliation of only the leaves facing toward the main stem(covering buds between the two), and leaves that directly covered bud sites, leaving any of the perimeter leaves and leaves not directly covering a branch:

I think im going to use #4 as my neutral test so I won’t remove any leaves that don’t yellow on their own first. I need to see a test for myself first before I decide which way works for this strain.


Fed #4 today with Sensi Grow A and B, B52, and Big Bud:


Update pics:

Looks like #4 is getting ahead of the others…we will see how the no defoliation works. I may remove a fan leaf here and there if they are piling up and causing moisture issues. But im going to keep #4 mostly untouched.


Nice Lots of buttons

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Well I rearranged the fans in the tent…again. The reason this time was the 12" oscillating desk fan I found at family dollar. I wanted to mount it to a pole by making a custom mount, but there isn’t enough room between the plants and lights to get it. So I put it in the middle of the four pots tilted up a little and oscillating. The goal is to provide moving airflow to a wide area of the tent without needing so many fans. While I was getting the square fan out of the way, I decided to put it at the top of the tent blowing down on/between the lights to decrease the heat loss, and the use of my space heater. Right now my leaf temps are around 71-75, humidity around 45-50%. I will have updated pics when I water them in the morning.

Those r some mighty fine looking Indica plants u gots going on there. Enjoy them ladies company, they make fer some good times. Ur hard work shines through, bright n clear. :sunglasses::v::alien:

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Thank you. Learning as I go, but so far they look healthier than the last set.

Oh forgot to mention, i discovered that I must have hooked the dimmer jumpers in wrong or something because I noticed the third(center) light dimmer know was only at 50 percent, so I turned it up and it got brighter :frowning: . These lights are Daisy chained and I have the dimmer all the way up, but I must have messed up the orientation of the switches when I added the third light. But Holy crap it looks bright now

You probably mentioned it somewhere above but I wanted to ask, how many grows did you have under your belt before you did these manifold grows.

The job you did was so masterful and is an inspiration.

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Well this is my second complete grow. First grow ever was with 2 hydro clones that were put into flower almost immediately and did not do well. In between that and these grows I tried growing bag seeds, but all 5 turned out to be male. So I gave up on bag seeds and ordered feminized seeds.

Kudos to you, they are works of art

Must’ve been tough with all the males… nanners, disappoint x5

I appreciate the compliment. I have surprised myself as well. Lots of research and reading other people’s challenges, as well as advice from other growers on here and friends that work for grows. I won’t be completely satisfied until I can harvest some nice fat colas. I’m trying to design a diy high pressure aeroponics system to get to the next level.

Well, on the upside, I have gotten pretty good at identifying male parts on my plants. Which will come on handy on the seeds I just dropped… 3 blue dream fem, and 3 black Betty regular seeds from a friend. If the Black Betty seeds end up all male, I’m considering trying to cross the blue dream with it. I’m not settled on that yet, but I’d be curious

Cross breeding sounds kind of fun to me in theory, but I don’t see many posts about it other than making it sound like going to seed is a very special corner of Hell

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I think in a controlled environment with the right precautions to prevent unwanted issues, it could be very fun. I haven’t researched it much yet, but will start soon.