First time manifolding. 4 plants

First time manifold grow, well actually first time grow with feminized seeds as well.
Seeds were Candyland from Seedsman, 2x White Widow, and Bubba Kush.

Soil: Pro Mix HP

7 gallon fabric pots

Growing under 2 mars hydro TSL2000 full spectrum LEDs.

Vivosun 4x4x80 tent, with AC Infinity CLOUDLINE 6" exhaust fan (passive intake)

Nutrients: FF Trio, with Boomerang, Beastie Bloomz, Open Sesame, and Cha Ching. Also using Great White premium mycorrhizae.

I’m about to flip my plants to flower, but I thought my grow would be useful for others that may be considering manifolding as well. This has been, and still is a learning curve for me, so any and all advice is welcome, and appreciated.

I started my seeds in water with rooting powder, soaked them overnight, most of them cracked open, then i put them in a paper towel to sprout the taproot. After planting them in solo cups with Pro mix with rooting powder in the hole, i watered them a small amount with the Great White mixed in, they popped out of the soil 4 days later.

Shortly after they sprouted (about a week) i changed the dying Blurple light out for a Mars Hydro SP3000 full spectrum LED about 36" above plants.

I transplanted them into 1/2 gallon ish pots the next day (the plant in the larger pot is my Candyland seed from Garden of Green(started a week before the rest)

A week later, my fabric pots came in, and the roots were coming out the bottom of the pots, so again, transplanted, but this time into their final pots, 7 gallon fabric pots. I watered them in with the Great White solution.


Bubba Kush:

White Widow#1:

White Widow#2:


I will be adding to this when i get a chance, to bring it up to the current state.

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I don’t see many main lining grows so it will be nice to see.

I notice your Temps are 71f try to push that to 79f for day time and back down to the 70f at night.


I will keep that in mind, seems so hot, but they seemed to like it when i bumped it up to 70, it was set at 65. I will try that with my clones i took from these :slight_smile:

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And at that temp keep you RH nice and high, follow a VPD chart.
65% until late veg then drop. It to 55% roughly.
Again watch a VPD chart

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I did download a vpd chart when i started and i have mostly kept the tent at 70°F and 68% humidity, regulated with a heater(built in thermostat) and humidifier/humidity switch. But never really tried pushing temps any higher. But again, its a learning curve. I’m fascinated with growing, and plan to keep improving as much as possible, trying new grow/training styles, and admiring the process throughout. Its extremely satisfying growing from seed, and watching the girls grow. This is the first time I’ve taken clones as well. Running out of space now haha.

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Each stage of growth requires different environmental controls due to the plant wanting a different optimal season for its stages.
So get a VPD chart that shows different stages like so


I’ll be tagging along if you don’t mind…:sunglasses::v:


Ooo that is way more informative than the one i had. Thank you

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Be my guest, the more the merrier. Happy growing

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What are you planning… Nebula , Nugbucket , extended, flux ?..:sunglasses::v:

I have based this grow on the Nebula style manifold. But i am intrigued by the flux as well, so that may be for another grow.

The transplant was done on october 28th, i also moved the plants into the veg/flower tent with the 2 TSL2000 led lights at 100% power, ~36" from plants. I put them on a 6/2 light schedule because I read that it can give the plants tighter node spacing, and be less stressful because of the shorter periods of light without a break.

On the next day, I watered them with Boomerang, and Grow Big nutrients (first time using nutrients as well), this is where I made a beginner mistake but didn’t realize until later, hint: I may have grabbed the wrong nutrient… anyway i watered each plant with 1/2 cup of water (1 cup for Candyland) out of concern for overwatering in the large pots.

October 30th, time to start the manifold process with Candyland.

As you can count, I topped at the 4th node, only because the third node only had one shoot. I also trimmed all undergrowth below it. Lesson #2 trim all the grow tips under the main node, but leave the fan leaves to help recovery.


October 31st, the next day, I watered all 4 of the plants with 2 cups of nutrient solution with 6 tsp/gal of Grow Big(supposed to be Big Bloom). Realizing i mixed the wrong nutes, I mixed a new batch with the proper nutes (1 tsp Boomerang, 6 tsp Big bloom per gallon) and watered them the next day with about 36oz of water each, 48 oz for Candyland. Ph was 6.8, ppm was 400, and ec was .798.

November 3rd, White Widow #2, and Bubba Kush are ready for their haircuts.
White Widow #2

Bubba Kush

I left the lower growth and leaves on to try avoiding too much stress this time, also wanted to try taking clones once they were ready.
Nov 4th

White Widow #1 wasnt quite ready.

Candyland was still looking a little rough

A few days later on the 5th I topped White Widow #1 but didn’t take an after picture.

Candyland still looks sad:

Bubba Kush is recovering:

I also saw some stressed out plants, and thought I should raise the lights and dim them a bit. Raised the lights about 3 inches, and dimmed them to 75%, also raised my humidity from 65% to 69% because plants seemed like they had dry leaves. Also adjusted my circulation fan up so it wasn’t so direct on the plants, and instead was blowing over the canopy, causing slight movement of the leaves.

On November 7th I watered with nutes again, but added 1 tsp/gal of the Grow Big. So the mix was, 1 tsp Boomerang, 6 tsp Big Bloom, and 1 tsp Grow Big. They all got 72 oz.

The next day on the 8th, I trimmed the top fan leaves off White Widow #1 because they were covering the entire lower plant.

I tied down Candyland main shoots the next day (9th) and dimmed my lights to 55% because the plants still looked too stressed(part of my learning curve). Also tied down White Widow #2 and Bubba Kush on the 10th. As well as removing clones from the bottom.

Bubba Kush:

White Widow #2


White Widow #1 the slow guy.

Now I adjusted some more stuff in the tent. I put a second fan at the top of the tent blowing down over the lights to try keeping the heat up. Then added my space heater set at 68 (mostly for the dark period. I turned my lights back up to 75% because they plants didn’t seem to respond to them being dimmed down. Humidity still set at 69%.

I watered with nutes on the 12th. Nutrient solution was 1 tsp Boomerang, and .75 tsp of Great White. Watered 24oz to each plant, then an additional 48oz of ph’d water. Then I used 24oz of the 6tsp/gal Grow Big on Candyland to use it up. This was a bad choice i guess lol.
About a week later i was able to trim the 2nd node and tie down the 1st and 3rd to get 8 colas.

White Widow #1 on the 17th:

I decided based on the hooking leaves and the yellowing, that it was time for a flush to get rid of that extra nutes accidently introduced when they were young. I first mixed a gallon with 2 tsp of Sledgehammer in it and gave each plant a gallon of that solution, let it sid for about 30 minutes, then flushed them all out with 3 more gallons of ph’d tap water. I let them drip until they stopped, and scooted them back into their cozy tent.

Forgot to mention that i accidentally split the main shoots on Bubba Kush when i tied them down.

Luckily she recovered pretty well.

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White Widow #2 was next in line for a trim on Nov 19th. Final top down to the third node, removing the 2nd node and leaving the 1st.

I didn’t take pictures of all the tops for every plant, probably because i was too busy trying to keep the girls happy and learn. But here are pictures from the 23rd

Bubba Kush after her final top also note, the splits in the main stems healed and bulked up.

White Widow #1, notice the white tape around one of the main stems. I had to do some pretty hard supercropping to get the limbs to bend, and after a couple days the surface had split open. You can see a little bit if it on the opposite branch. Lesson#3 train the branches down as early as safely possible because they bulk up fast.

White Widow #2 4 days after final top and training. Like nothing happened :slight_smile:

On the 26th, I fed them again with 24oz each of 1 tsp Great White, and 3 tsp Boomerang. Then i fed them with their veg nutes 1 gallon each of 3 tsp Grow Big, 1 tsp Boomerang, 3 tsp Big Bloom, and 1/4 tsp Open Sesame. I’m following the FF soil feeding schedule with some of the nutes missing. Ph of solution was 6.2, ppm of 788, and ec of 1689. Still lower than where it “should be” according to FF feeding schedule.


Bubba Kush:

White Widow #1 didn’t get an individual photo op, but she was in the group photo. Front left.

White Widow #2:

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One big thing i concentrated on this grow, was giving the girls a full wet/dry cycle when watering. Because of this and me being a beginner grower, i have been feeding them/watering every thursday basically. Usually at this time i can check the moisture level all the way through and it reads a 3 on the gauge. Looking back now, i think i should have watered one day sooner. The reason for this didn’t become apparent until my last watering when they were very sad looking when it came “time” to water.

On Dec 3rd I watered/fed them again. Keep in mind I have been feeding them every time I water so far due to it being once a week. I watered them with 1/2 gallon of ph 5.77 tap water first, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then i watered with nutes (1 tsp Boomerang, 3 tsp Grow Big, 3 tsp Big Bloom, and 1/4 tsp Open Sesame) and gave them 1 gallon each, total of 1.5 gallons.
The next day Dec 4th:

Bubba Kush:

White Widow #1

I forgot that i took clones from Bubba Kush on Nov 10th. You can see them in the corner doing good :slight_smile:

White Widow #2 she might be my favorite :smiley:

And a couple days later White Widow #2 before and after training:


To me seems like your in excess of a few nutrients … probably gonna want to flush your media out and go in with very minimal nutes at this stage… I have grown several mainlines…since it’s such a high a stress training you want your watering and feed to be spot on not recommended to heavily prune an already stressed plant excess nutes is not a optimal condition for mainline to start out you want to do your training with a really healthy hearty plant…
Also I grew some candyland bag seed… pretty plants really colorful would like to see what cold weather does to it … here a lil tip instead of cutting first split down to ONLY 2 fan let the plant grow up a lil bit and when you see shoots come out of your first set then cut the top and leave the 2 sprout and 2 fans it helps get you moving in the direction you want sometimes if you leave the plant to it’s on determination u might get 1 shoot or a shoot growing out of strange area wait till its symmetrical with atleast 2 branches starting growing … there is a method called a quadline quad line is same as mainline but you leave 2 nodes and grow out to a cross instead of 2 main branches… it speeds up the process alot and gets you to the same finish line I did about 3 mainline before I adopted the quadline and I never went back now almost all my plants are quadline starts and that gives me a nice even spread

mainline look cool but the time to turn around is not fit to my MJ needs lol


Good info. Candyland was the first one i started training, and obviously started a little rough. With the rest of the plants, i waited till they had 6 nodes and the lower shoots were growing well, then topped the main down to 3rd node, but left the under growth initially, until the top shoots were going well, then trimmed the under shoots, and leaves later. Ill be curious about your recommendations once i get this journal caught up to current. Also might try that quadline with my clones. Thanks for the input

Dec 8th:

Candyland dec 9th:

White Widow #2

I watered the girls again on the 10th with the same nutes: Boomerang, Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Open Sesame, and Great White, 2 gallons each.

On the 13th i did some defoliation to shed some light on the lower growth. Removed real large fan leaves.


Bubba Kush:

White Widow #1:

White Widow #2:

A few more pics: Dec 15th

On Dec 16th i decided to finally take clones from Bubba Kush(again) and White Widow #2. I took 6 from each as low as i could.
Bubba Kush after they were removed:

White Widow #2 before and after:

Candyland: Dec 17th

All the ladies Dec 18th:

And again on the 21st:

White Widow #2 Dec 22nd:

I didn’t do much to them for the next week or so, other than keep the colas even height by training them if needed.
I watered them again on thursday Dec 24th with the same nutes, 2 gallons a piece. And again on the 30th. Ph=6.3, PPM=798, ec= 1700

And that brings us to the last watering before flower January 5th…also when i realized they need water more often :frowning:
I watered them with 2 gallons each with nutes: 1 tsp Boomerang, 2 tsp Grow Big, 2 tsp Tiger Bloom, 3 tsp Big Bloom, 1/4 tsp Open Sesame.

I also intended to do a final defoliation and trim and lower shoots before the flip as well(this is where the “tutorial” lacks details from others, so I just winged it :sweat_smile:


Bubba Kush:

White Widow #1:

White Widow #2 sooo sad :frowning:

I was so worried about them, but had confidence that they would perk back up. I trimmed the lower growth differently on some of them because i wasn’t sure how to properly trim the manifold. On one i trimmed all the “mature” fan leaves…the bigger ones with purple ish stems. On another, i trimmed just the big fan leaves that covered buds, and any shoots from the very bottom of the bend in the branch.

But they recovered well. After first day of 12/12 flower: