First time making own soil

So I know it’s a little late to ask this…but how did I do for soil my first

time… 4cups perlite 4 cups basic potting soil… 1/3cup bat guano at 0-5-0…1/3cup blood meal at 12-0-0…and 1/3 cup tomato tone at 3-4-6…need help with this grow…I’ve grown before but it was half assed just to see if I could do it

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full organic grows are not my forte’ I grow in pro-mix or sunshine #4 and have left the dirt behind for DWC so I run product lines but I wish you all the best and hope others will be of more help :slight_smile:

Thanks donald…any insight is welcomed I’ve only grew once before and it was with miracle grow soil and miracle grow bloom and without a tent just that cabinet in the background…my 2x2x60 tent is coming soon for flowering that cabinet is just going to be for veg…hoping to start a perpetual grow so I don’t have to spend anymore ridiculous amounts of money for my meds…any insight on perpetual grows is much needed also lol

Hey Bobbyb welcome.
It sounds as if you did a nice job , however I am thinking you will need nutrients come flower time
Good luck

Thanks Paul I was thinking the same…I was scared to make the soil to hot…I would really like to try one method I read about keeping a hot zone like 3/4 of the way down so when the roots grow into it no nutes needed for flower… But not really in control of the plant then… Any advice for flower nutes? Just fox farm tiger bloom and some molasses?

Someone on this forum was just talking about layering the soil based on strength of nutes in the soil. If I find that thread I will pass it along so you can ask questions of the grower- very successful if I remember correctly. @AgentJay didn’t you layer your soil?

I am using Advanced Nutrients and I don’t have any experience with FF nutes but a lot of people on here speak well of them
I am a newby but one of the key things I have learned here is its not so much what nutrients you use just be sure to use the right ones for cannibis and in the correct amounts for your plants
Good luck

Thanks @Paulcrf eyes and ears are always open and listening


i veg in 3 gallon. when ready for bloom,…i put in 5 gallon. Supersoil/Promix at bottom 1/3rd of container. fill with regular potting soil. happy frog, or i like Roots organic soil.

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Jay would be one of the best to advise you he said exactly what i was thinking many times when mixing soil we make it too strong for our plants layering lets your plants work their way to the good parts as they get big enough to handle it

I deff plan on trying that next run…it makes clear sense in nature they have to find the nutes in the soil along with water

is there a thread for this super soil? what did they veg in? - this is interesting to me the layering and organic and such
Thanks :slight_smile: