First time ...lots of questions ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Like clones, seedlings derive their water out of the air using leaves. A dome is the cheapest means of supporting the plant in a high humidity environment. Just an FYI.


I did put a dome over my clones this time in my homemade cloner worked great. But i never dome my seedlings. I never have and havnt had issues so far praise the lord

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That looks like charged and buffered coco mix โ€ฆ cocoloco?

Ya it does have some small amounts of nutrients in it . Nectar of the gods is very similar to cocoloco

Soil grower :man_shrugging:

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Nectar of the gods makes a coco mix? Didnt know that

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Ppl run there nute line here with lots of issuesโ€ฆ being a calcium based nute line it must he for cocoโ€ฆ makes senceโ€ฆ @Myfriendis410 โ€ฆknow anything about this?

Never used N ot G.

Have you heard of there coco before?

The round leaves are about gone. Coco is inert, your plant will soon be out of nutes if you arenโ€™t adding any. The plant can feed itself till the round leaves fall off, technically. But Iโ€™d start with low nutes.

Edit. I donโ€™t grow in coco because it is overall inert and is best done watering everyday with half nutes instead of nutes every other water. Seems like a lot more work and nutes for about the same product.

Iโ€™d bet the coco is charged and will give you a feel like fox farm ocean forestโ€ฆ can you giv m the name f t etc. Product were talking of Iโ€™ll take a look at it