First time learner's journal

Unfortunately my house is old we have 3 breakers lol the dryer the kitchen and the rest of the house that’s why I’m sticking to the led as they just use less power and will let me run a heater with everything else

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And thank you I will :+1:

I understand limitations…more than most. You have my support.

I say get the lights, makes sense to me!

Thank you for the support limitations can be rough. I also have a rework plan for my tent going to strap my filter to the side or hang with my new light as the vent coil expands and retracts and put my vent fan on a piece of plywood with 2x4 to screw the fan into maybe some type of rubber cusion to reduce vibration. Trying to learn how to maximize.

Too much light and heat for a 2x2. And you have to realize it’s old tech (blurple and built in fans), which are not very efficient at all at turning power into light, many blurples are less efficient than HPS. Too many watts for a 2x2 anyway, you’ll have big heat problems, you’d be much better off with a newer tech light without fans to spew hot air everywhere.

Not that I’m recommending this light, but this type would be a much better buy (samsung 301b diodes at least) than what you’re looking at. For a 2x2, a good match if sticking with LED is 200 watts (50 watts/sq ft) and new tech, something with samsung 301b rather than blurple. Something like this

What would you recommend? If I may ask while staying on a budget or was the mentioned above it or just the led mention

Something like the one I linked, there are quite a few manufacturers making that exact style of light selling on Amazon, white light spectrum, samsung 301b like spider farmer, maxisun, or even the one I linked, find the one that most matches your budget.

I hate recommending chinese led lights though so I’ll just have to throw in, for $100 or so more, I’d get a HLG 260 rspec, dimmable 135-280 watts, would be awesome light for 2x2.

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Ok I was just curious it was just that you said not that you recommend this light so I wanted to make sure the one you posted is spot on for the budget I can do $300 also the tent will be getting and extra foot. 2 ft wide 3ft long will be it in a couple months

Been looking for the second light you recommend is it only available on there website

Yep, HLG website and other sites like growerslights. Now another option if you want to go really efficient is the HLG 135 rspec, going on HLG website for $220 assembled. HLG says it can flower a 2x2, dimmable 60-150 watts, you could run it full up and still get decent flowering as these are very efficient lights.


Hmm well looks like I have some shopping to do

Just had to give you some options, friends don’t let friends buy blurples.


Thank you very much it will still come in handy I got a sectional for purpose of once I go into flowering I’ll be getting seedlings again for the other part and I’ll probably bite the bullet found the hlg 260 for $350 on growers light.

The blurple I already have that is

Yeah you can always find a use for it and nice to have backups.

I’m assuming it’s not difficult to assemble the one from grower light pretty sure is unassembled

It’s pretty easy, a screwdriver and wire strippers, and 15 minutes and i was done with my last HLG kit and there’s plenty of youtube walk-thrus of the assembly.

Update time

Alien rock Krishna is doing beautiful ( in my noob opinion) and krunk juice seems to be keeping up in height but we’ll she’s just been unimpressive last couple days but still coming along :blush:. Now on to my first top plant. Alright I’ll be honest she needed a few days to recover around 3-4 before I saw much new growth at all she mostly just maintained but now she has what I believe is the start of her new colas.

I have been really enjoying my new hobby. If all goes well with my cream sickle og (topped) then I will begin some nice simple LTS and veg her longer than the other 2. Those poor ladies there best hope is cream sickle stays small or does or something cause if she lives and grows healthy with the LTS then I’ll be blooming the other 2 in 1x2 lol.
The plan is to swap early even if there not very big as I would rather invest some real time growing some lovely ladies with actual experience and proper lighting.
Thank you again @Hellraiser for information on lights, toping and your whole grow journal. As well as @Bubblehead and @imSICKkid for helping get my Coco balanced back out. Now I just need Colorado to not go from 80 to 50 back to 80 some temp control won’t be as frustrating hopefully.
Hope everyone is enjoying life!:sunglasses:


Looking great! Keep at it. :slight_smile: