First time learner's journal

I apologise for being a little late with starting my grow journal as I was mostly asking questions and browsing through topics learning as much as I can at the beginning
Thank you to everyone that’s helped me so far
@Hellraiser @imSICKkid @Bubblehead @Zee and a couple grow journal I’ve been catching up on is @MrPeat @CoyoteCody (hope you don’t mind the tags)

These are my plants now.

I changed some setting on my phone and changed the color also they were just put back in from watering

My current set up:
Visparspectra Roughly 2x2 tent about 54 in tall tall it’s a sectional tent so I’ve can remove the middle wall and expand if necessary.

I am using I believe black gold Coco coir when doing a bit of research came across the Coco coir and wanted to try it out.

My light is a yintatech 135w light I’m pretty sure it’s bluple I keep reading about but not sure it has a blue veg light and a orangish flowing light

That’s the veg light wandering if it’s the blurple lol

Next is my vent it’s an ipower 6in inline fan with a speed dial currently at lowest setting.

I did not start my plants from seeds as I live in Colorado and I can either spend 10 to 20 bucks per seed or just buy clones or seedlings.

I picked up 3 seedlings all indica.
Cream sickle og (back left) krunk juice ( back right) and alien rock Krishna (in the front) they were all about 6-8 inches tall when purchased.
here’s on old pic from beginning of the week

I got my seedlings 2 weeks ago Saturday the 25th I put them into I believe 1 gallon plastic pots right off the back the plan is to transplant them into 3 gallon vivosun fabric pots. ( hoping those will be big enough for final pot)

Mistakes made : when I started out I didn’t have my ph or TDS meter yet and also didn’t understand them or the FF line feeding schedule. Was also watering oddly I was giving them a decent amount but not enough to create runoff. I started out with giving my plants 1 tablespoon of big bloom and 1 teaspoon of grow big into tap water for their first watering no pH meter it TDS so I have no idea what they were. A couple days past and watered again with plain tap water. Another day or two top inch felt dry so I watered again feeding as well but this time I had my pH and TDS meter. So started experimenting with the pH meter first I added 1 tablespoon and 2 teaspoon of big bloom and 2 teaspoon of growbig and 1 tea spoon of cal mag to tap water. After testing the pH and seeing it was around 6.8 I put a teaspoon of pH down in it which was a big mistake as it dropped the pH to 3.8 added more tap water and brought it back to 5 and watered my plants not testing the TDS as I thought it was used on the soil not the water ( another mistake). After this watering my alien rock Krishna didn’t look good was droopy the next day so I got in the forums here and asked a lot question was given great advice. As you can probably guess my ppm in my pots were crazy high (not sure about pH). I was advised to make up a proper feeding at around 500 ppm and flush my plants. When looking at FF feeding schedule I got confused and 1 teaspoon grow big again to the mix when it’s not supposed to be used in the first 2 weeks according to the schedule but this time I used distilled water. Also added a couple teaspoons and f big bloom but don’t remember exact amount with 1 teaspoon of calmag why I don’t really know. When watering this time tho I tested the run off the pH was above 6.5 but not 7 and the ppm was like 2000 supposed to be between 400-500 in first couple of weeks. I used all the mixture I had a bit over a gallon and by the end I brought the ppm to around a 1000 in the run off. I decided to leave them as is I didn’t want to water 3 days in a row ( their all 3 still currently alive). A couple days later noticed side if my leaves curling and was informed my light was to close easy correction moved it 5 to 6 inches up.
Unfortunately the last week has been a bit cold been running a heater the last couple nights by them but I don’t think it was enough getting a heating pad for the roots tonight after watering. Tonights watering will just be distilled water and a little bit of tap to get better readings going to put about a gallon through each pot measuring the run offs pH and ppm to try and get pH to 6 and around 600 ppm or so. Biggest lesson learned when I transplant the next seedlings I’m not going to use any feed instead probably distilled water get a decent amount of runoff and let them drink every bit of it up and then feed 1/4 dose on the next watering.

On Wednesday during the second week I decided to top just one of my plants to experiment and learn and SHES STILL ALIVE TODAY YES!

Just watered and hadn’t finished typing this yet so adding it in the first post.
My alien rock Krishna and krunk juice runoff were at roughly 6ph and 450 ppm forgot to check EC (still don’t really understand that one) watering with distilled water at 68 f or so now my cream sickle og the one I topped had a high pH if 6.9 I gave her at least a gallon of water but it still tested the same the ppm kept going down now at 250 but the EC is around 350 (I did check that one’s) I gave her tonight 1 teaspoon of big bloom to help put nutrients back into the Coco.

Any advice or anything else you noticed I’m doing wrong please let me know this first grow is all about learning the second grow all about not paying for anymore weed :joy:


@Cratix, I think you said it best “am learning” that’s how we as people and plants grow :slightly_smiling_face: right?
To me, their is a science to growing and it takes a PhD in chemistry to master it like @Hellraiser has done. It’s not complicated, it’s about the right balance and adjusting to it, while playing with chemicals,soils, water, etc…

You’re doing great, keep it up and keep the learning hat on, am with you on this venture.

I moved from California to a illegal state, times are different, not that I can pay for it, I can’t!
Am set to watch your work!


Hey Cratix, will watch. Crazy that you can just go buy seedlings and clones, maybe someday where I live. I’ll be switching to coco on my next rotation, looking forward to it.


@Zee thank you can’t wait share what I learn and ask a million questions lol a long the way


Thank you for watching and yeah it is and hopefully you will be able to soon as well honestly tho seeds I just don’t know if there worth it when you can buy full on seedlings


Thanks for the tag I’ll be watching also. Ec is just another way to measure your ppm. Seedlings spook me. I’ve read too many journals where someone introduces seedlings to their farm and they bring in unwanted critters.
Yes your light is a burple. Remember it is easier for us to see the plants in natural light. :wink:




How much are seedlings/clones?


Looking good. I use the Pro-mix CC40 soil with nothing else added. Seems to work good. Stays airy and doesn’t compact much. I did some white widow auto’s last summer and those have a great buzz and very smooth. I only let them get about 5-10% amber when I cut them. Good luck.

Thank you for watching and the info and I see you point about critters but these didn’t come in soil but those small square block things and we’re crazy root bound

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It varies I looked at quite a few dispensaries and saw anywhere from 15 to 50 bucks the only downside is unlike looking at ilgm seed inventory seeing a lot of classic names you see a bunch of names you’ve never heard of

Thank you for watching

I’m tuned to watching as well and gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind :v:

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Welcome glad to have you tagging along


hi hellraiser hru im new to site just need dome asvise on where to purchase seeds from mayby u can help me

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Here you go


@Hellraiser the light I have is 135 w led light I paid around 90 for it I think on Amazon I know I’m going to need another light my house is a bit old with only 2 breakers so I need energy efficient as well as budget I am thinking of getting another one it has the bloom and veg settings as well as the Daisy which will be quite handy are the burple lights bad or just ok budget lights

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Day after watering picture.


Here’s what I’ve been buying recently from the dispensary they’re not half bad for $7.50

Update – The plants are looking ok they seem to randomly droop then come back up.( I’m guessing it’s from them drinking water :joy: idk)
Also noticed a similar effect towards the end of the 18/6 light cycle.

A new light im looking at. I’m wanting one I can use by itself for flowering in a 2x2 so I can use my 135 for veg new plants in another section of my grow tent. Going to be looking into if lights with the veg/bloom switches are at the full actual power with just one or both I’m assuming both and does it matter if you use the bloom light during vegging. If anyone had any other led lights around 400w actual draw power for no more than 300 ( there’s always the exception I know) going to be ordering this Friday off of Amazon.

I’m excited for the girls next watering :unamused: still a few days to wait but still I now know where their nutes are and pH are at. I don’t really understand when to use cal mag but hey I put some in here and there unless more properly informed. ( Who doesn’t like experimenting) So on to the next watering, by the time I should need to water I will have had my plants for 3 weeks now. Going off the fox farm schedule they should be at 1000 to 1200 ppm at week 2 of veg so I’m going to start there. I am unaware of my plants actual age being as I purchased them from a dispensary. Will be using distilled water with the fox farm line again just picked up 3 gallon of water. Plan is to just make up one gallon at a time only using what I need to get and increase in ppm in my runoff.(last run off was 450 on krunk and alien but just 250 on the cream) As always will be checking the pH as well. Probably won’t be using EC to much in this grow will be doing a check here and there for some comparisons.

Wish everyone the best of luck on their grows and hope I get no signs of nute deficiency. Seeing lots of new growth on them all. :sunglasses::face_with_monocle:

As you know, researched and said that new light is actually 395 watts. 1.21 gigawatts, was that what made time travel possible? Lol. For that same price you could go with MH and HPS bulbs at 600 watts and will get a increase in yield from what I understand. Am a few days into the 600 watts, and my plants are loving it.

Girls are looking good, keep at it!!

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