First time keeping track and sharing experience

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Quick bb update. All yellowing has pretty much disappeard. A little bleaching still on on one of the bottom leaves. New growth looks great. She is picking up speed. Getting a feel for watering for sure. Claws were due to overwatering and possible some pH problems. All corrected at this point. Any tips as always are appreciated. She only seems to be growing 3 fingers. Could be due to stress…or related to rudaralis genetics idk any thoughts?

Soil pH: 6.8 using slurry
Water going in pH: 7
Temp F: 77-82 during the light period 71-74 dark period.
RH: 50-60


This was as soon as the lights came back on running 18/6

So two days after transplant and she looks great. Damaged leaves from the begining stopped growing completely. She is on her 5-6 set of true leaves. pH run off is at about 6.7. temp consistent above 66 F RH above 40. She just got her first set of 5 leaflets she is about 10 inches tall watering when soil is dry. In a Terra cotta pot with 50/50 perlite and ffhf. Internodes at pretty tight about 1/2 in apart. No nutes just water. I will transplant one more time before she goes to flower. Topping at 16 inches then considering scrog. Chocolope is almost all sativa so will be very tall if I’m not careful. Any input as always is welcome. Thanks

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Monitor your runoff TDS too and when it falls to below around 1,200 ppm you can start a mild supplement.

Plant looks happy!

Thanks. And I will. Yesterday was the first time I watered to a little runoff I am ordering a TDS meter off of Amazon this week. I appreciate you.

So been a couple of days. So I topped her Wich turned into a f.i.m instead lol. All good looks like I am gonna have 3 tops instead of 2. I transplanted her into her final, finishing pot today. Buit my scrog net and got everything ready to build my canopy. Some pruning to do but gonna give it some time since I just moved her, let her get used to the new pot. New growth everyday since f.i.m no slow down. She looks good right now got her back under her light she is perking up like nothing ever happened just a little later than the norm. All roots we’re white no odd colors. And yes I went with a big Terra cotta pot. I think the do some useful things throughout the process Wich I discovered after moving her to the first pot. Don’t judge me lmao. Temps have been the same throughout humidity between 45 and 60. Added another 6 in. Fan to help with drying out.

Temp: 72-79F (a couple of extreme days 84+F)
RH: 50ish
Runoff PH: 5.5
Runoff TDS: 1106
@Myfriendis410 @Dick

A couple of things happens since I was on here last lol. I noticed she was spitting out some wired looking leaves after her transplant. I tested the pH and it seemed pretty low at 5.4 thought it was because the soil wasn’t completely wet right after I switched her so I watered her real good and waited. Tested today it’s the same. She is growing fine a couple of yellow leaves but at the very bottom that are shaded out and stopped growing in the beginning (first and second true leaves) can anyone tell me how I can safely raise my soil pH?

I was reading through the manufacturers info on my light and noticed it said to run both veg and bloom together during veg. So I turned the bloom switch on reading the red would help he stretch out a bit. The next day I noticed some odd spots looked like burning and some leaves had rolled under. The temp was high 80s and I couldn’t get it down I turned the red light off. She perked right back up looked like nothing ever happened. Other than the couple of very small spots. I have an 1000 watt LED (cheapish actual like 350 watts) will I need a different light for flowering?

Last thing is my TDS tested at 1106 today. Should I start to consider light feeding? Thanks for any help ahead of time. Here are a couple of pics

Plant looks fine, you can top dress dolomite lime to bring PH up although 5.4 ought to be okay.

Your runoff TDS is getting to the point of having to supplement but watch the plant for signs it’s ready to feed. Not yet IMO.

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Buy some PH up and down, it is cheap. 6.5 is the prime zone in soil. Ph your water to 6.5 to maybe 7 going in if your runoff is 5.4. 1100 is a little high I think, so PH your water and next feed skip…Later in bud is when you will start noticing any PH problems. Let that plant grow, LIGHT is FOOD, so turn on both and raise the light a little if its making the leaves Prey, or turn up.

OK, I think I am a month behind, sorry.

Only a couple of days @Dick. No worries. I haven’t started any kind of nutes yet that TDS is just soil and pH water to about 7. When I turned on the other part of the light is was more wilting and like a downward taco after a couple of days. And the are some burnt edges on young growth. Turned the red off and he is happy as can be taking to the net well bigger and bigger each day. For me I just don’t know like a good TDS and all that I feel mine is good for a bit any way just want to make sure I know before I need to. And like I said I don’t mind giving hee more light I just saw crazy negative effects. Thanks for getting back

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Hi, I did not mean to ghost you yesterday, Being NEW on here I was only allowed so many comments, so there was no way to tell you. Did you ever answer your question on DWC’s?

Sorry man no questions on dwc here. I was asking about lights. I think I am just gonna get a hps set up for flower. I turned the red on my led on and she def didn’t like it. I used a price of wax paper to try and diffuse the light. Then it wasn’t really enough. No worries. I feel the I feel a 600 watt how would do me good. My tent is 5ft L 2ft W and 5ft tall. Can’t move lights any higher. As always any thoughts are welcome. @Dick

So temps have been the same as well as humidity.
pH is around 5.4 maybe a little less I added lime we will see what happens.

TDS in runoff at 946.

She is growing right along only thing I noticed is some clawed leaves. And some of he. New growth is a little wired. No biggie. What are the symptoms of needing nutes so I don have to ask a million times lol? Thanks for any replies.


Quick question. Noticed this a.m. some very tiny bronze spots and a crispy on a couple of tips. Some newer growth is looking like their is an issue. My TDS was the same as last watering at 946. Could I be dealing with some sort of lock out? I water again tomorrow so I will check TDS. I added about a half a teaspoon of line and it brought my pH up to 6.1 from 5.5. new leaves don’t look twisted anymore and she is growing new stems like crazy. Temps at 75 during lights on and 68 - 70 lights off. Thinking about flower in the next couple of weeks just wanna make sure she is healthy. I have only used ph water of about 7 no nutes. Are these signs she is in need?

I think it looks just fine. Doing a good job so far.

Thanks man I appreciate it. Just still feeling it out lol. Figuring out numbers and all that for proper levels.

So it’s been a little bit since I’ve been on here. Had to transplant into a 36 gal container she became rootbound a bunch of deficiencies due to that.

I gave her an extra week before I switched her to flower. She exploded once the lights were switched. She is easily 3 times the size after her stretch. Had to break down the tent and go straight into the room to open her up.

We are at the end of week 4 of flower and all seems to be ok. I have a humidity issue since I took the tent down. I have a dehumidifier coming on the 14th so that should get it down to right. It is between 55 and 65 percent. Temps stay under 80 with about a 5-8 degree drop during dark periods.

Their are a couple of stress signs I am junk I over did the nutes so there are some excesses of nutrients no real deficiencies. My pH is right at 6 dealing with some gnats due to the soil. Couldn’t go with ffhf because literally nobody had it and it was gonna take a month to get here and couldnt wait. Mixed half and half with the happy frog I had left. TDS is right around 780. Any feed back would be cool. Just sharing progress. Life got crazy lol