First time keeping track and sharing experience

So this is my first rodeo just thought I’d share and see if anyone has any input.

I have a 5 5 2 tent
1100 wat led veg and bloom settings
6 in. Vent fan with carbon filter
3 gal pot with soil ( nothing fancy just store bought topsoil)

Avg temp has been between 71 at night to around 80 at peak day time

Humidity right around 40

Just watering lightly when soil is mostly dry

I am growing chocolope from ILGM

so I got 5 seeds I started 3 by following directions on ILGM for germination by soaking.
Lost them all I believe to my error.

I sprouted last 2 in a bag paper towel 1 sprouted in 2 days with a 1 in tap and the other hasn’t done anything and it’s been 11 days.

I goofed and put her straight into a 3 gal pot. I am watering very light (no nutes)every 2-3 days about 1 in around the baby.

We are at day 9 and are growing the second set of true leaves. I know the large pot will slow growth as well as low humidity ( Wich I believe I am running low) but I feel she is doing well enough to just be left alone.

I am going today to purchase a humidifier. She had a little bit of a red stem the first week but today looks like it is turning more to a white green ( still looks very healthy IMO) my soil is right about 6-7 pH soil tested not run off and I am currently using distilled water.

Again I don’t have anything specific to ask as I have been reading everything I can get my hands on but any and all feedback is appreciated throughout this grow. Thanks in advance I am sure u guys will help me more than once.


@Newtothegame, Welcome aboard. Yep, small plant in big pot = slow growth, compare your day 9 sprout to my day 11 sprouts, disregard the 2 clones on the bottom, the rest are from seed. And I’ll be culling the smallest one in the middle because it’s growing too slow for my standards.

Your light is going to limit your success/yields/bud density, It’s not really 1100 watts. probably more like 150 real watts.

@Hellraiser those are pretty. I considered transplanting but because I only got the one I didn’t want to over stress. I did read that about the LEDs and the inaccurate wattage. Would it be worth considering supplementing to help them out or would that be over the top? Thanks for the feed back. I am just trying not to kill her on the first ride lol. ( Begginers nerves I do believe)

Your light will probably be ok for the one plant you have and you can go thru the grow to sort things out but when you want to start mass-production of buds and want big yields, a different light setup would be helpful with that nice big tent. But good LED lights can be quite expensive, I could easily spend over $1000 on the good LED lights for your tent size.

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Lol I have the same exact light. I have learned the error of my ways, my replacement is on the way. @Hellraiser was the one to took the time to help me just yesterday literally. He will get you right too.

Thanks for the encouragement. Ya he makes sense def. At this point I am just researching lights lol @SKORPION we live and we learn. Thanks for checking me out I hope to hear from ya again.


With lights you can go 1 of 3 ways.

  1. The cheap LED lights - low cost, low wattage, low coverage, low yield. Don’t waste your money on these.

  2. The good LED lights - Like HLG, Gavita, ChillLED, are expensive but the most efficient, you pay more at the front and less each month on the electric bill. For example 3 HLG 260XL lights would light that tent nicely, at a cost of about $370 each so about $1100 for 3 of them,

  3. HPS/MH - these were the best lights to buy until the good LED lights came out, older tech but still very effective, cheap to buy but gonna cost a bit more each month on the electric bill, also going to run hotter so good ventilation is a must to control temps. A 1000 watt HPS with air-cooled hood would light your tent like crazy, but would need good exhaust, cost would be about $200-$300 for all the parts (ballast, hood, bulbs, ducting, exhaust fan).

Thanks for the info @Hellraiser.

So just a quick one… This a.m I woke to find a. Mushroom in my soil. Probably a spore in the bag. And what seem to be fungus gnats. I have been reading and I have decided just to transplant into new soil (better quality) and a smaller pot. I believe my soil is just too wet. I am going with Fox farms either ocean floor or happy frog. Any tips? Other than less water

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Hey buddy, put that plant in a Dixie cup,.and set your light about 20 inches or more until the plant grows. if your tent is 5 foot long and 2 foot wide you don’t need 3 lights? Not sure what light you have, but if it was a true 1000 watt bulb you would fry everything in there. Remember, it is a weed, so keep it simple.

Thanks @Dick. My light is prob not a true 1000 watts. Temp stays pretty reg. I am transferring to a solo cup today with happy frog by Fox farms. I appreciate your word of encouragement. Thanks a bunch I hope u keep following.

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With LED’s there can be little heat and still fry your plants. On here you may want to limit what you read., 3 lights for a 5 foot tent seems a little much

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@dick right now I have my lights at around 30 in. That was the max per the manufacturer. I didn’t know u could burn them without heat. But with the intense uv it does make a lot of sense. Thanks :blush:

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A cheap fluorescent works well for the first few weeks and is cheap to run 18 hours a day… Did you measure 30 inches or estimate? One would think that being a low wattage bulb, 30 inches seems about right but your leaves looked burned. Maybe 20 was too close?

In the very beginning I had my light way too close less than 20" I moved it to about 20" and I saw more yellowing Wich had me go to the max recommended Wich was 30". I measured not guessed. The yellowing has gotten better since I moved it. When the light is on she perks right up, almost like she is stetching to get there but the stem is holding her up no problem so I thought it was cool where it was for the bb. I am looking at cfl for the seedling stage next time around. I also overwaterd her because of the huge pot Wich could have been some of what you saw. I will post pics after the transplant this afternoon in natural light.

@Newtothegame as far as the soil there’s a lot of options and everyone has there preference. I use happy frog , but many prefer ocean.

So I have been waaaaayyyy overwatering I assume. So I put a humidifier in the tent Wich she seems to like but I had fungus gnats and fount mushrooms. I dug down the side of the pot and it smelled like death so I decided to risk it and switch to something smaller. Her root was deep it didn’t break and the main tap was in tact. I am sure there will be repercussions (I.e. stunted growth…and possibly death) I think she will be happier in the long run if it wasn’t too much on her. Only time will tell. Anywho switched to happy frog in a solo cup very light water. All that’s left is wait. Thanks For following


So it’s been a couple days since I switched pots and soil. Went with ffhf. She seems to be doing ok since I moved her. Woke up yesterday and noticed the yellowing of the baby leaves and a small spot on the very end of the second set of true leaves. I can see new growth everyday she is starting her third set. Moving faster than before but still a little slow. She maybe a bit shocked. Any way looking for anything on yellow leaves? Anyone have any thoughts? Out of cal. Solution for my pH pen it will be here Sunday. Moved my light up a bit and watered her dirt is moist not wet( learnd my lesson). Umm ya any help is appreciated. Temp got a little high at 82 F humidity right around 50 percent. Lowest temp was 68. Plugged in my vent and carbon filter and it got a little cool. As always thanks for any help

  • chocolope ilgm
  • Method: Soil ffhf
  • Vessels: Pots
  • PH of Water: just distilled
  • PPM/TDS: not feeding yet
  • Indoor
  • 1100 watt LED ( about 150 actual)
  • Temps; Day 80-82, Night 71-75 all farenheit
  • Humidity; 48-52 always
  • Ventilation system; Yes, Size: 6"
  • Humidifier when below 45
  • Co2; No

16 days old. Bought bad soil and planted in a large pot. Overwaterd so I transplanted 4 days ago. Good for 2 days saw new growth. Then yellowing on round baby leaves and a spot on second true. Yellowing on baby leaves now browning and dry. More new growth. Seems healthy. Wilting second true soil a little dry. Added water. What can cause this, and should I do anything to fix it? Thanks



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