First time indoor home grower

I took my baby outside for some sunshine only about 10 minutes. The thermometer heated up faster than anything else form the direct sun. I built a 5’ X 5’ tent in a spare bedroom using a large blue tarp and PVC. I purchased a nice LED light and a nice timer for my photoperiod Super Skunk. I ordered some more Fox Farm soil to be delivered by Amazon so I can start more plants. I watch a lot of grow videos on YouTube to learn what works for others hoping to absorb enough info to become successful myself using a variety of techniques. I checked the pH of my rainwater to less than 7 and mixed a little kelp meal and bat guano into the soil. My humidity has been ranging 62-79 because it is monsoon season and I have an evaporative cooler. Temps have been 80-87 degrees F. I’m growing on a shelf in the closet with CFLs 6500k and a small full spectrum strip LED. So far it has been green growing and looks happy. I plan to grow to a monster size. My homemade tent extends to the ceiling 8 feet. I have a stretchy net and some supplemental 2700K CFLs when I reach flowering. My dream is to reap an abundant harvest. I recently ordered recharge, alfalfa meal, langbeinite, seabird guano and humic acid. At my local nursery I bought perlite, blood meal, bone meal, worm castings, epsom salt and compost. I have an organic recipe for bug control using H2O2, neem oil, castile soap, alcohol and water, just in case I need it, better to be prepared. I still need to buy an oscillating fan. The future is going to get better with a little smoke in my lungs.


Congrats hope it goes well watch that ph after adding things to your water 7 is a little high

@reddingo Welcome to the community. Looks good from the pic.

Welcome looking good!!!

Seems like you have a plan, good luck :+1:

Nice job just you pH need to be 6.5 in fox farm soil