First time indoor grower need help

With what your looking to do you might consider a three tent rotation. That way you would be harvesting every 30 days. :cactus:


what are you thinking 3 3x3 tents i like the price and output of the ion lights i got like i said only about 4 people about two ounces a week needed i could buck up and get bigger lights once i get my learning curve settled i’m moving to hydro that’s the end goal in two years or less. There are lessons to be learned before i jump in the pool its to deep at the moment but i was blessed with good information retention and the will to want to know all there is to know about whatever im doing lol blessing or burden haven’t figured that out yet lol but thanks for the in put and maybe a follow up on the tent and are there bigger separated tents or just make a whole room split it down the middle make it 5x10 mylar lined insulated between studs and tyvek and insulate the outside with reflective board this is where i need help i need a good brand tent i like the easy movability its hard to take down a whole room very fast so i’m doing tents. I now need to know what will last and do the right things for a decent price and size recommended for 400 watt mh/hps light i could upgrad light to 600 or a thousand on the next tent and adjust as necessary i have probably 15x15 ft area to work with. all input appreciated.

@MacGyverStoner My comment on the splitting stem was a bad one or isn’t !? I should have magnify the picture. I feel a little bit shame, but I made an honnest mistake.

If you mean taking the top off, yeah it will result in more budding sites and more growth from the lower branches. I didn’t see anything all that wrong about what you wrote.


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What i meant is it’s normal that the main stem looks like is splitting, generaly speaking, and it’s the natural way for it to form the primery branches and by extension, those branches who’s gone a form ramification that will produce buds, out side the main stem, naturally.

Yeah just missed the skin split i think you just thought i meant topping it hu no biggie good info to know like i said earlier i love info. is there something that causes this split like that? where it just splits the stem to such an extent i got it tied up all natural locally harvested honey on the wound already thinking new strain lol traumatized hunney bud by McGuyver.

Please, do not think for me, I have plenty enough by my self :wink::v:and i’m not that easely traumatize :wink::innocent::v: peacefully your’s :v::blue_heart:

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I would for sure make something to reflect that light down!

A disposable piece of tin/tray for a turkey/ham would work. Cut out the hole in center and use metal tape, its expensive tape though, but you won’t worry for fires as it is temp tested. Duct tape or other tapes can melt/smoke/and eventually combust!

If you don’t have anything, make a nice square cutout of some material that won’t get to hot and melt or combust, and wrap it in tin foil :v:️:+1:

Cut your hole in the center and mount your light and hang it up!

^i know I’m a OCD freak when it comes to anything fire related

You and me both on the fire thing the ceiling in that room is 24in away from the light and is Mylar lined should i still throw a turkey pan over it cause no big deal i do hvac so got plenty of the tape suggested i will give it a try wont hurt for sure. Thanks for the input

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Well for sure get a pan on there before you switch to flower it will really help throw the light towards the plant and that alone in flowering will be nice better than plain old light bulb.

The Mylar ceiling is a big plus! I’d still put a pan on that light though. It’s not as important now because your plant is still a smaller young plant/seedling, so I’d advise not to burn your baby with light! Lol

No problem glad I can help in some sort of way :+1::v:

In a three light rotation you can use a 2x4x4 tent with a 2x4 cfl light this would be your clone and seedling tent. The next 2 tents you could go with are 4x4x6 both these tents will be used for veg & flower. The trick here is you want to flower with a higher wattage light then you veg with because your plant will double in size in flower and you need the penetration. The lighting I would suggest is one with an adjustable ballast so you can make it less in veg then full blast in flower. As far as wattage of light a 400w will give you about 8 flowers per plant a 600w will get you 16 and a 1000w will get you around 24. This is why I like the led lights most come with a veg & bloom switch which gives you the lower wattage in veg & higher in bloom. A little more money up front but works very well in a three tent rotation plus its a lower electric bill. You can do this with two tents but harvest would be every 60 days. A 4x4 tent is good for about 4 plants I’ll let you do the math with the numbers I’ve given you. :cactus:

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I like the trick you said to basically double wattage from veg to flower so your yield will almost double

No I think you missed what I meant. Your plant will be twice the size in flower so you need a stronger light. In a why you are right light wattage will increase yield.

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Yes I did mis understand thank you!

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@MacGyverStoner said so… :call_me_hand::fist_left:

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Coverage is the best word I can think of to make sense.

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Your also said penetration, some spreading of the branches will help even more :+1:

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Penetration is how deep the light gets into the canopy.

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so to start with im getting a 4’x4’ x70" tent my end goal will be a harvest every 30 days but as you well know that’s thousands in equipment and such so i will use my rigged up grow room for now for seedling and small grow and early veg with the 400 watt MH/HPS to use for my lighting source then when its time i will put them in the 4x4 under the 1000 watt light dimmable ballast or do you recommend the led if so how big for a 4x4 to cover my veg and flowering i got the 400 watt MH that’s dimmable to 250 should i be running it at 250 for my plants now so I can give them the whole 400 when its time to switch to hps or is the 400 probably to small for a 4x4 ft tent huh see i done stepped off in it now gonna have 10k in this if i’m not careful i’m at about 1500 and still need hood tent and vent lol the nature of the beast. Who makes a good decent priced tent with all the right features and what I would want for my little setup once again thanks for the input great community here for certain.