First time indoor grower need help

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA ( Bag Seed but good medical)

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forrest all Organic nutes and soil

System type?n/a the pot is 4 gallon pot in soil

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?/na

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS I use only Fox Farm products I have a buddy in the hydro business and he is helping alot but i need opinions of the community

Indoor or Outdoor—Indoor

Light system, size?400 watt MH right now veg stage dimmable ballast ION got some super charge mode don’t exactly know what that does cant tell much difference No hood yet this kinda was an experiment at first then could not take care of her lol but i just currently got a side hanging socket

Temps; Day 80-85deg f, Night60-70deg but has got as high as 90 deg with it shut up and light on 400 full (update since the fan install temps in the day my temps have stayed between 73 deg-78deg daytime 60-65deg night with all fans of could make it cooler if necessary.

Humidity; Day 48%, Night 40%

Ventilation system; ,2 240 cfm fans sucking air through a hepa filter—intake) and 1 240 cfm fan sucking air out of the room

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,-----Humidifier standard cool mist cheap walmart small humididq

Co2; Yes, No Just me smoking with it its a single plant


Also the plant is 5 weeks old i just planted it in regular soil after it sprouted just thought I would see and then i bought about 200 dollars worth of cfls right spectrum and color just not enough. I then bought a bag of fox farm soil after about 2 weeks worth of sub par light and soil but yet it was doing ok I then bought the MH/HPS 400 watt light I am currently using the MH bulb on 400 watts i could tone it down to 250 though its dimmable and super charge whatever that means cant tell much difference. I guess my question is cause i’m gonna up load pictures weekly and update and hopefully get some pointers i’m not super budget restricted but i’m 35 with bills and a family so there are the i will have to save for it things but it can happen but want the best advice for what i got to work with.I think the temp is to high and i need vent and a proper hood i’m currently in a space that is 2ftx2.5ftx 7.5ft lined with reflective material all the way around the room ceiling walls and even the door also weaterstriped the whole door to not mess up night cycle. I all currently running 20/4 light schedule every other day and 24hr strait every other day i only water her ever other day as per nutes instructions nutes usually only once a week been following the fox farm nutes guide normal distilled water every other watering i just need help and input tell me i’m


  1. Headinga/original/3X/2/1/217ba00dcacad80f0e3e464888ac8c32227127e4.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”> a newb but i need the meds and don’t trust everyone…thanks for all the advice

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ph,ph,ph,ph,ph…keep your ph in check…this is something i have learned as of yet…
you may want to back off the nutes until plant is a bit more mature.
no light while plants sleep… these are things i have learned while going through my first indoor grow.
plant looks great!

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The first thing I would work at getting is a ph pen if you don’t already have one and some kind of ventilation set up to keep those temp’s down. You want your air temp to be between 68 to78 degrees. The small area your in with that 400 watt MH bulb is going to build a lot of heat. With high temp’s like that when you get into flowering your buds become loose & fluffy and I assume you don’t want that. So for me that would be the first two thing I would work to solve. :cactus:


Yeah I got a ph meter a light meter and one of those all in one pens that’s tells of the soil is dry and all. Yeah ventilation is defently happening today thx for the help guys also my tent is inbound so I will have more control over things like the environment
Thx for the feedback

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You bet @xxpain4uxx if you have any other question there is always someone here that can help you out. You’ll find out this is a great forum with some very cool peep’s.

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Got in the vent system today for now i just went with a 240 cfm fan and filter out and 240 cfm air from under the house microbe filter on that also like i said my room is 2.5x2.5 feet dropped the temp in the room 15 degrees its running about 75 deg max and 60 at night with no interruption of dark cycle but i have been running 24 on one day then 20 on 4 off the next day and keeping that regimine dont know if its good for it or right but we will keep you posted thx again guys and gals

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Any recommendations on making it get a little taller she is getting fat lol.

Fat is really good, be patient.

Other wise you can take a spay bottle and make a 50% dilution of your regular receipie of veg nutrient and give it a slight foliar spray. Do not drench. Ounce or twice a week in the morning half hour after your lamps goes on. Rince slighly with your distil water in the evening in foliar spray (so 2 spray bottles are needed) 1 hour before your lights goes off. Again, do not drench. The rince could be done in the next morning.

But, honestly, it’s a little too early for that, my advise : be patient :slight_smile::wink::innocent:


That’s the genetics of your plant , probably an Indica, don’t worry about height, she"ll grow !!

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@xxpain4uxx i’m updating my last post to you. The spraying must be the finest mist possible and get ride of any bubble formation or other wise it will act as a lense an cause little light burn (yellow spots). And again in my honnest opinion, it’s too early for that, but in two-three weeks, or so, it’s gone a be fine. :wink::innocent:

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How far away should the light be you think I got a light meter but when it says normal the light is like 6 inches away its a 400 watt MH bulb so there is heat to be certain and I will update photos soon and show you the progress she is looking great thanks to your input great community glad I found it. Also what brings up ph naturally my reading is always 5.5-6.0 never more never less is this normal or am i doing something wrong when i nute i do it half strength once a week only then water again 2 days later straight water distilled i have been giving her about 2 cups per watering 2x a week the soil isn’t soaked but damp an inch down dry on top this is normal as well and good to go right? I am one of those people who wanted to know all of it lol sorry if i ask a lot of questions but thanks again.

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First, any light meter is calibrate for the real sun spectrum. It’s no use for indoor light, even if the light specification says “full spectrum”. The distance between the top of your plant and your mh-hps lamp and the other ones should not be closer than 1.5 feet. Personnaly i would try between 2 and 2.5 feets.

For the PH anything between 5.5 and 6.5 is ok. And for the watering, it’s fine. Just remember that it’s not a schedule thing, she will tell you when she’s thirsty :wink: Keep up 1 inch top soil dry and every thing is gone a be OK.

I come home to this today the growth in the middle has gotten to such a point it split the stem so had to trim some back is this plant a gonner or do you think it will recover as much time money and effort i would probably have to go make funeral arrangements lol for her I also have no idea if what I did to her is best either any help would be appericiated i will upload yesterdays and todays it was showing signs of splitting yesterday and it may suppose to do this and i just screwed up cutting off the few problem leaves . As always thx for the input.

The splitting of the main stem is a totally natural thing and is part of a healty growt, it’s gone a develop on secondary stem and multiple ramification that gone a produce more buds. By trimming the main stem at an early stage as that you have put an hold on that processus… Honnestly, i don’t know in what ways it will affect your plant :neutral_face: @Aquaponic_Dumme and @MacGyverStoner will be more helpful then me in that field

yeah with what i had left on there had the plant splitting morwe like to the point of both sides touching the dirt I just hope it recovers but that’s why we don’t put all our eggs in one basket but for now we shall see as i am new to growing and the forum how do i make sure @MacGyverStoner gets the post did we just do that putting his name in the post I guess

Keep the area clean, just like a wound on yourself. It might slow some growth, and there are things you can apply to the wound, just like plants or trees in your garden when you have had to cut off a branch or something.

I’ve used common duck tape to support the wound and close it, or at least to support it and keep it from splitting further.

Overall, this isn’t an uncommon thing when training plants, and in super cropping, often the branch that bends can break with a split in the “skin” of the plant. But as long as your humidity isn’t too high, you don’t have pests that could spread infection, and you don’t already have mold or fungus problems, that plant will likely be fine with little to no problems.



Hey @xxpain4uxx Mac G. is right I had the same thing happen to me on the grow I got going on rate now from L.S.T. I used a twisty tie the old lady had for her orchids . Just close it up best you can. I used a dab of honey to cover the opening to keep it sealed up worked great. Don’t panic she’s savable .


tied up hopefully it snaps out of it but what this thing has been through i will post a pic of this poor sob under 2 50watt cfls and in an aquarium lights 10 ins away it was pitiful.

yep that was the begging of her life now its sprialed out of control where im ordering a tent still dont know whats good mid priced tent with all the features of a decent tent you can see the light and vent and all the info on the ticket but will add carbon filter and better airflow this is all learning and glad i got a great support network this is officially my top hobby /way of life always have i smoked for meds ptsd mostly but never grew much but it’s rewarding as all he double ll. so next on the list is a tent.
And i will be sitting it up for a final spot and time what i got works but i want a proper tent was thinking two 4x4 tents to keep a rotation going i got a 400 watt hps/mh light what size tent? 3x3 or 4x4 or 4x6 or 8 and get another light i want to keep a harvest going personal only for about 4 people functioning smokers jobs and all so an oz a week will do all for four people done up mostly sometimes 2ozs a week but want to eventually shoot for plenty all the time you guys know what i’m talking about any input is always appreciated thanks again.