First Time Indoor Grower, Fem MK & Auto OgK


Hey everyone!! Captain here, and its my first time growing. So far, it has been about a week and a half, I potted the seeds around Feb 23rd and nursed them in soil. I put them in 3 gallon pots with holes and the medium is miracle grow potting mixed with Eco Scraps Organic Potting mix. I mixed because the eco scrap had vermiculite in it and I read it helps with air flow for the soil. I made a newb mistake and didn’t label my pots so I am not sure which one is which, but it is quite clear one is growing a lot better than the other. Please suggest anything you can think of. I will post a help ticket eventually, feel free to look at the pictures and tell me hat you think.

Fem Mango Kush & Auto OG Kush


Welcome captain! No pics? We want pics!



Here are the pics. The big guy is first, I’m thinking he is the OG Kush Auto but I’m not sure lol. I am starting to see some yellow appear in the top two leaves not sure if its the tap water I have been giving them, but I just learned about leaving the water out so tomorrow I will get some buckets and air stones to purify that problem. … the little guy I am guessing is the Fem Mango.


Here are pictures of my set up as well,


Looks like you’re off to a good start, captain. Though I’m a little worried that you used Miracle Grow soil which has time released nutrients in it and can burn your seedlings. I suspect that is what is causing your yellowing, but you should fill out a support ticket so we can know for certain and get you on the right track. :slight_smile:


thanks, i will fill it out later tonight i have to run. but thanks for the support!!!


Welcome @CaptainMJB to the forum! You will be able to tell which plant is which in about a month, maybe less. The auto will start flowering on its own with out you having to change the light cycle. :+1:


Welcome to the forum glad to have you @CaptainMJB please feel free to tag any of us for help looking great :wink:


I think I made a mistake =( … I tried transplanting my big guy because I saw roots coming out the bottom. And instead of being smart and reading up on transplanting I tried doing it myself and now I am scared I may have shocked the plant. … Will keep you posted with in the next couple of days on what happens. Shoooot!!


It’s okay, @CaptainMJB, it’s pretty normal for a little shock after transplanting. I’m guessing you weren’t very gentle, but don’t worry, they bounce back. You were right to transplant if you saw roots out the bottom. :slight_smile:


hey all, here’s an update. I watered them and left them alone for 2 days to see what would happen. The little guy is growing a lot more now, still small and not as many leaves as the big guy though.
The big guy started drooping and some spots appeared on the bigger leaves, i am guessing that’s from the shock.


Are you Ph-ing your water? What’s the Ph?


i just got a tester, i will test it right now. let me calibrate


@raustin ph reads

Run off (sitting 2 days): 5.1-5.3
Tap water fresh: 6.4-6.7


I thought so. Okay, hun, you need to get that Ph up to 6.3 minimum, or anywhere between 6.3 - 6.8. I think you’re having some nutrient lockup. What soil did you use for your transplant? I think it might be a little hot, but let’s fix this Ph first.


Hey im growing an OgK auto too and i use some pro-mix soil and after I transplented it with some miraclegrow soil i noticed some yellowing a the sides of the leaves ans maybe some brown spot at the very end of some leaves maybe nute burns?!?or ph is maybe not right i dont know yet I dont have a pH meter!..15209846232981176395583|374x500


Hey, @Countryboyjvd1971, this poor plant was transplanted and looks like it needs some fixing. What do you think?


Hi there, @420happygrow, welcome to the forum, but you should really start your own thread so we can help you. Do you know how to do that?


Well i would say that the out of range ph has taken a toll on them @raustin
What type of soil are we dealing with ?
And are we feeding ?
what is the ppm and ph of run off @CaptainMJB