First time indoor grow!

Hi everyone,

About a month ago I acquired some seeds in some bud from my local dispensary and figured I’d give it a shot with seeing if I could just get the seeds to “pop”. Here I am 3 weeks in having just purchased a grow tent, LED grow light, and transplanting her to her new pot. I had a bit of trouble dialing in the watering at first which caused some drooping, but she seemed to snap right back after the transplant! I need to get a few more pieces of equipment to finish the setup, but I’m pretty shocked at how quickly she’s grown, and how enjoyable this process has been!

Here are a few pics of my girl. The last pic is her first day above medium which was just on December 3rd! She has exploded with growth since the transplant has occurred!

I assume she looks well, but I’m open to any thoughts or feedback at all!


She looks good keep it up :metal:

Watch the watering! Shouldn’t need much water this early.

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Awesome keep the great work. Domes help retain moisture and raise humidity levels until past seedling phase. Water in a ring so roots develop and stretch out. Also prevents “damping off”

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The girl is looking fine.

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Welcome to ILGM! Looks good. You’re in good hands! :v:

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Looks like she’s coming right along. Try to let her dry out some in between waterings it will make her roots stretch. :+1:


and root rot. keep the base of your root tree clean from bebri and dirt, especially after watering

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See you got a light! nice. one suggestion, if you use that led bulb again, remove the plastic dome. Works much better on seedlings and sprouts.


Thanks everyone, I’m letting her dry out for a few days as suggested. I’ve had her on a 24/0 light schedule but I’m curious if it would help to switch her to a 20/4 schedule.

Thanks again!

If she isn’t a Auto, I wouldn’t go more than a 18/6 light schedule.


Nope, she’s not an auto.

Then I wouldn’t go more than a 18/6. Photos need a daily rest.


It’s been a while due to my busy work schedule. I let her veg for 2 months and she has now been in flower for 1 week and 2 days. It’s been a fun learning experience so far, and I’m excited to see the end result! I just germinated a GG#4 the other day and now have a 6 day old seedling as well. I’m using a small 600w LED by “WHOSLED” off Amazon in a Coolgrows tent and she is plated in a Lowes 5gal bucked with several holes drilled in the sides and bottom. For soil I used 100% straight Fox Farms Ocean Forest and that got me from seedling to flower. Once I hit flower I started giving her 1/4tsp each of the Fox Farm Trio: “Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom” and she loves it! The GG#4 will be in a mixture of happy frog and ocean Forest!


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Nice work. She’s coming right along! :+1: