First time indoor grow how’s it look so far

Hey there! I’m new around here and new to indoor growing. I currently have 2 plants on the go both are feminized critical fast versions, they sprouted on the 8th, and I feel like it’s going good. But honestly I’m not positive yet, I have included some photos of what I have going on. If anyone notices anything with them or my setup that seems to be off any advice would be helpful. I’m using a philzon 900w led light and a mars hydro ts1000. As a test I am just growing one of each under the lights to see if there is a big difference between them. Soil is fox farms ocean forest in 5 gallon fabric pots.

I look forward to any advice from the community.

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Girls look great, new growth, good color. Off to a great start IMO.

It will be awhile before you see big growth, girls will take awhile to dig roots into that big of a container, once she does, take off time.

Where is your temp and RH gauge?

I highly recommend reading this grow guide, am a new grower, and doing better than expected following his methods. He covers everything and then some, experiments, you name it!


Thanks for the warm welcome! My temp gauge is just sitting on the floor in front of the pot on the left but I have a second one in a mesh pocket higher up on the front wall too. Thanks for the link I will check it out!

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Would I have been better off starting the seeds in a smaller pot first? All I did was fill the pots with dirt soak them with water, dropped the seeds in and after about 4 days they both sprouted.

Seedlings are very prone to over watering and starting them in big pots can make it hard to not over water. Just have to let the soil dry out before adding more water and with a tiny plant in big pot, don’t want to give too much water at once or it’ll take forever to dry up, don’t keep the soil moist.

Good luck with your growing!


Check out that guide, he covers it. Keep me posted on your progress. @Zee will tag me. Cool you’re growing weed with us!


@Zee thanks a ton I will keep you posted on the progress! And I’ll scope out that guide.


@Hellraiser thanks for the info! I’ll let it totally dry before I water again. I’ve been giving small amounts of water when I do water so I’ll be sure to keep a eye on that.


@Zee here is a update a week since they sprouted I’d say they’re doing well. I haven’t watered in 3 days and don’t think I’ll need to for another day or two I think I’m on my was to success!

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You definitely are! The girls are starting to dig in roots, heavy growth coming! Keep it up!

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A little update on growth this is now 2 weeks from seed and I think they’re doing really well! Although I have noticed the plant under the blurple light is considerably smaller then the other I imagine it’s from the lesser quality light?

@Zee hey there! Just curious if you think it’s too early to start lst on these gals or should I wait another week or so?

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Looking great @QuinnO. Nice healthy growth,I don’t LST, but my favorite LST grower is @GST93. He maybe around.

If not, I’ll find his grow guide around and post it. From what I know, you can LST now, but based on your container, not sure where to start. I know most start once the 5 or 6 node starts.

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@Zee awesome! Thanks a ton! Also thank you so much for linking hellraisers guide earlier there was a ton of great information in there, I’ve read through it a few times now, picked up a ph meter for my water too I’m thinking everything should turn out good. I’ll post some more pics next week!

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@QuinnO, anytime!

Check out his guide here.
First Ever Grow - Indoor | Grow Tent | LED | Auto White Widow

I’m here @Zee! Just patiently curing my stash :sweat_smile:

@QuinnO - Plant looks great! Two things:

  • Make sure you trim down that pot a little and get some air circulating across her. The stalk is looking a bit thin, and the air moving the stalk gently will thicken it up.
  • Defintilwy get started on some LST. Bend her right over (be careful of the thin stalk), and tie her down so that your offshoots start thrusting upwards. It’ll happen quick, so keep an eye on moving the tie downs to get everything wide and flat.

Take a look at my grow journal that Zee posted and it’ll show you what I did to mine.


@GST93, I figured my friend! Good to see you around. Looking forward to your next grow! :slight_smile:


@GST93 awesome! Thanks for the tips I’ll get on that once I get back home today. I was thinking the stalks looked a little thin too, I’ll cut some bag off and get some better air flow going.

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just fold the bag over

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