First time indoor grow/Health check

Hey guys,
I’m here to see if I can get a health check on my kids… I feel something just isn’t right… these were planted 12/25 but they all had short tap roots…
Currently they are on 16/8 and about 24"… on a 400w
The tent basically is running at room temp…whatever I choose that to be at the time… the 78/67 reading is inside the tent with exhaust fan and tower fan running…

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Couple of suggestions:

One pot per plant. You don’t want the root systems entangling and competing for water and nutrients.

Fill those pots with soil. Happy roots = happy plants.

Your plants are stretching and asking for more light. What make/model is your light? I suspect it is only sufficient to flower one plant.


I agree, one per pot…I’m not happy with the soil I’m using… so they are all being redone…today…
The light is a SZHLUX 4000W

Okay. The light advertisement doesn’t help a lot, but it appears to be a true 400w light that should be capable of flowering a couple of plants. I would move it a little closer so the plants don’t stretch so much. It uses SMD2835 diodes, which are an older technology.

Be sure to use a cannabis friendly soil that is buffered for cannabis like a Fox Farm product, Black Magic, or Roots Organics. Your plants look hungry. Do you know your runoff PPM and pH?


it looks about time to add some nutrients


I set the light at the recommended 24"-30" …afraid of leaf burn…

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You will notice leaf problem by the way the tips of the leaf starts to curl up. Or, the tops of the plant tend to start turning yellow.

They look good to me. Like @MidwestGuy said, a good cannabis soil will help.

Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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The Durban is just a fem, not an auto
the other three are orphans from a local dispensary , not sure what they are or are going to be…


Welcome , repot into some good cannabis friendly soil. Fox farm or Root organic Just to name a Couple. Separate the plants I think you will be good to go. Good luck :+1: :v:


I went to go get some FF…out but I did see this… any insights ?
it says its 100 % Coco Coir…

Coco is a very good grow medium. Care and feeding of a plant in coco is different than it is in soil. Be sure to educate yourself on how to grow in coco. You need to water/feed more frequently and the pH requirements for coco (pH ~5.8) is different than soil (pH ~ 6.5.)

Is there a Thread I can read up on ?

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