First time indoor grow. Cal-mag issue?

Strain. Gorilla Glue Autoflower x3. 2 photoperiod unknown origin. Came from weed that was in a brick.

Soil happy frog for seedlings. Trans to 3 gal cloth pots with ffof. FF trio with cha Ching Bembe’ gh cal mag. Last`` water 6.6 ph in 5.6 out. Ppm 1358.

Tent 48x48x72 6in exhaust choice of outside air hvac or ambient filtered basement air. Lights QB 550 v2 rspec. Currently on 12 12 light schedule. Temps 73. 45rh day. 64 50rh night.
Plant is in its 7th week of flower. Thinking she has 3-4 weeks to go. Ph was lower last week 5.2. Been diligent about ph going in at 6.5 Got cal-mag have used 3 times. Trichs still clear some cloudy amber on sugar leaves. Was going to hold off and flush in 2 weeks (final flush). None of my others have the problem.


I should have first thank y’all for the help. I have been lurking and using search to get solutions. Here is the rest of the girls.


Calcium in best used by the plant at 6.2ph. If you are using FF nutes tiger bloom drops ph like crazy. It seems the more it builds in the soil the high ph i have to put going in. Have you flushed at all?

Next are u adding cal-mag at feedings or just waterings? I have been reading how some flowering nutes like beastie bloomz can lock out cal-mag when fed together. I just went through the same thing but much earlier in flower. I flushed and started over and she seems to happy happy happy. As late as you are, if you flushed now I would keep it very light nutes tell the final flush. Your plants look very nice. You have done a great job with them. Welcome to the forum!!!:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Early on I was not careful adjusting up when I fed. I have been giving the cal mag with the other neuts. I have florakleen I have read this is a good product to flush with. Any helpful tips? Thanks for the encouraging words.

I would try just watering with just cal-mag and see if that helps. Your ppm seems pretty close so not feeding a few times should be okay.

If the plant starts to look worse after, I would flush if that doesnt fix the problem. I hear good things about that flushing agent. I use sledgehammer and it works great. I normally mix up 5gals of phed water and run through mine. Always does the trick. Gets my ppms down around 200-400.

Thanks I think that sounds like a good plan. They have been well fed the last 3 weeks. Would like to only have to flush once.

Flushing sucks, agreed. And as close as you are to the finish, I would go for once too. Have you flushed at all during the grow? FF nutes are bad about building up salts, more so in coco. You’re in ffof, But u should still follow the recommended flushing schedule.

No. I ignored the flushing. Seemed like real pain. Will learn to like it when I go for grow number two

Very nice great job.

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Yeah dude they look crazy wish I had a bigger tent.hehe

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You have beautiful little jungle going on there.


Took your suggestions over the last 10 days. Cal-mag with no other neuts x 2. Then followed by one last feed with big bloom with Bembe then tiger bloom and cha Ching. They perked up a bit. Did final flush today 3 gallons florakleen followed by 3 gallons water. See quite a few cloudy trichs no amber other than a random one. Planning to just water going forward. After flush ppm 395 ph 6.6. Thinking 2 weeks to go on this one. Thanks for the suggestions.


Nice man. Looks great.