First time indoor and grow ever


I’m new here I have wanted to do this for a very long time. I’ll start with what I have.

3x3x72 Tent
Electric sky es180 full spectrum led
carbon filter ect
apotforapot 5 gal kit.
ph kit for the water.
I also have some 4-4-4 and 4-8-4 I did read alot of people like this stuff but I have no idea what to do with it.

I didn’t want to use a kit but the first time I feel like I will learn alot from the kit. Then again i’m very excited to join this forum. I ordered black widow seeds from ilgm and some autos thx bomb from seedsman. Please any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I tried to buy quality stuff the first go around.


Welcome buddy, I’m mainly an outdoor grower but the indoor experts will be with you shortly, good luck yon your venture!!

@Slyjdm welcome to the forum. I don’t know anything about your light, @dbrn32 can help with that. What medium are you using, soil, hydro, etc. [quote=“Slyjdm, post:1, topic:33600”]
apotforapot 5 gal kit.

Is this hydro? Need a little more info

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That light will fall short in flower for you. 2 of them is recommended to flower a 3x3 area


I’m using soil.

Should I go ahead and get another es180 I’m only growing 1 plant at first? Anyone have any experience with these?

I dont have experience but it says that 2 of the es180’s is recommended for flowering a 3x3

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I’ve seen a couple people on here using electric sky lights, but not sure if they were those. But I think you can rock one plant under it. Another would light your space nicely, but you might save it for a separate veg space, and get something even better for the 3x3. This is addictive, I’m thinking ahead for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which soil are you using? It will determine when and what you need to feed, and at what pH. For example, Fox Farm Ocean Forest is pretty hot and won’t need much through most of veg, whereas something less ‘fertilized’ might need fed in only a couple weeks. Also, some mixes are more ‘soilless’ and require a lower pH for the plants to absorb everything properly.

Welcome to ILGM! There are lots of helpful, experienced, and friendly people here, don’t be afraid to fire away with any questions you have. :v:


I purchase the 5gal kit from they seem like a partner for ilgm I’m gonna go ahead and get another electric sky 180

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If this isn’t a digital meter (PH only) then I would strongly suggest you invest in one. I like the Apera meters as do a number of others here.

A TDS meter will be helpful when it comes time to mix nutrients or to perform a runoff or slurry test: inevitable if you are going to grow cannabis.

Another light is good but you might want to look at sending that money into a GOOD light and spend the money once (unlike me lol). Check out this thread:

@dbrn32 is our light-bringer haha.


From what I have read electric sky is pretty much the best out of the box led lights

Yea a couple people around here have them (although i think es-300) Im set to watching. And did u say THC Bomb? Second person growing that one! @TXCanna has a few ready to drop. Im a bomb seeds fan. So cant wait to see whacha pull. Best of luck and welcome to ILGM


They would like you to think that, but not the case. It’s a decent light for sure though. I would see how you do with one, and if you don’t like it maybe try a different path.