First time in flower - trim?

First-time growers, and with a lot of help from this website, we’ve managed to take a True OG clone through a rough veg and into the 2nd week of flower.

As you can see, we’ve LST’d and SCROGged her and she’s taken to both quite well.

Question - do we need to trim her anymore? You’ll notice how dark and jungle-like she is just above the scrog. There’s a ton of bud sites, but we don’t want the plant’s energy going where it won’t be needed.

And will she need another scrog about 8 inches above the current? If so, would we clear out everything between the scrogs to focus the light just on the canopy?

Thanks to all who respond!

She’ll probably need some support up top once the buds start getting fatter. Damn nice job for a first time. Watch the taller branches you can still pull em over a little to keep the top flat as you can, but should stop growing up in a week or two. That’s when you’ll want to try and support the top a bit. As for trimming you can take off any of the larger fan leaves if they’re overlapping each other to avoid moisture buildup and eventually mold. Speaking of mold make sure you keep some good airflow this helps not only to keep mold away but also helps with trichome production. Can’t remember the fancy name but because weed pollinate through the air a little wind causes them to make more trichomes. Again good job, now the hardest part “time” waiting for them to get ripe… good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:


Thanks, MeEasy. I’ll bend over the taller ones to even out the canopy more and clear out some of the undergrowth. We do have a fan in there running 24/7.