First Time ILGM seed buyers!

I have always wanted to purchase seeds online but was nervous about the experience. I have been a fan of ILGM for some time so I decided to give them a try and so far I am very happy. My Master Kush Ultra and Banana Kush AF seeds arrived as expected with no issue. As shown below my 3 MK Ultra seeds sprouted in just 3 days!!! Day 1 was soaking in water, Day 2 they got tails in wet paper towel and Day 3 they popped out of soil. Unfortunately my Auto Flower Banana Kush is still in wet paper towel and baggy on day 3 still waiting to get tails but fingers crossed!


Congrats on the purchase. You already seem happy.

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Bro Iā€™m choked up :dash::joy::rofl::joy:!!! Yeah very happy never grew from seeds just clones so this is :sunglasses: