First time ilgm auto grow. Starting seed


Starting a side plant couldn’t wait to grow my first auto. ones going in captain
My germination method soak over night or till i see tap root. 3 gallon smart pot. Once in soil it will be under a 45 led grow panel untill it hits 4 or 5 inches then I will pony tail her and put under a 300w sunspect led. Did i miss something.


Hey man you need to take that photo off. Its part of the rules to not show ilgms packaging.



I think that photo is ok, it’s pictures of the actual packaging that they don’t want posted. But let’s see what @latewood says about it? But good job @Bushgrower for being proactive!


here you go.


Oh ok my bad bro


No worries brother. Long time grower first time ilgm. Been here on ilgm for like 7 months. Sry ment no harm.


No need to apologize guys, no worries! You’re still my boys!


Just trying to do what’s right by ligm. I love this place.


That’s super exciting. I started a gold leaf seed on Saturday and it popped up today. Good luck to your little one.


Thank You for understanding. We never post packaging. Good Man. I wish all members would follow this example when informed of important forum policy. Peace, lw