First time hydro grower

Hello everyone I’m new to hydroponic growing and am currently putting together my system I’m running a 5x5 gorilla grow tent with a kind led X2 light and a 6 site bubble flow bucket RDWC set up and starting from seed and am having trouble with multiple things would like some tips any and all

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1.) if you place your plant(s) in to these buckets early, remember to run seedling/cloning nutrients in your water instead of the high end nutrient sets. Run the seedling/cloning nutrients for the first 2-3 weeks or until the 4th or 5th true leaf sets.

2.) make sure root(s) touch the reservoir water. Do not submerse the whole cube in the nutrients but allow for good uptake by new root growth.

3.) keep an eye on your pH and ECs to insure proper balance in your reservoir.

4.) keep hydrogen peroxide, true lemon juice, baking soda, and bleach around. (Do more research to find out what these things are for)

5.) don’t give up, each mistake is a learning experience that will inevitably get you to where you want to be in your growing venture.

Good luck and happy cultivating

Thanks for the tips if I post some pics of the set up and my seedlings I’m welcome to any and all advice a little intimidating growing hydro and I have all the proper equipment but not enough knowledge

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Those 2 can help you get situated bro.

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System I’m running is a 5x5 gorilla super room from super closet with the 6 site bubble flow bucket system. Also have their germinating package so I started from seeds purchased through @ILGM.Danny and within 3 days they popped and wher placed in rock wool until they sprouted and then where placed in the system these are the plants 12 days in from seed and just wondering if I’m on the right track or if anyone has any tips

Any help @NUG61 and @HappyHydroGrower would be very appreciative

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I just set to watching… let me look real quick :sunglasses::v:

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First things first … i would bury my entire roxkwool cube under the pebbles… the roots are still trying to grow in it.

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What foods are you using

Lotus nutrients and how high up should my water be

I haven’t started giving it anything but water so far and a little rapid root starter

I run mine and inch or so below the net pot… some people very with that after roots are established but for now it needs to be within an inch for sure so when the bubbles burst it will moisten the Pebbles and The Roots will grow towards the water.

I’ve never used that I use General Hydroponics nutrients is this your first grow or have you had other grows outside of hydro

Those are the nutrients I have and I’m gonna show u water level rn one sec