First Time - How is my Set Up?

That’s what I am going to do. Nothing at all, and lower the light from 30inch to 24 inch.



WW seedlings are looking better! Haven’t given them any water, took the domes off, and let these girls breath! The are perking back up.

Unfortunately one seed, is just not poking out of the soil. It’s been 4 days since planting the seeds. I think it might be a dud.

I had one take 8 days. I left it there out of laziness (it was in the back and hard to reach). I was super pumped it popped eventually and took off fast, unfortunately ended up male.

Glad your babies are happier

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You are way ahead of where I started last summer. But this forum got me thru 2 grows successfully.

They’ll suggest things to do when something is wrong and also tell you when to ignore something when it’s minor…which is just as important. Don’t want to create a bigger problem trying to fix a minor issue in the grow.

Welcome aboard! You’ll do great because we can tell you already listen and learn! :hugs:

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If you saw your seed pop, it’ll come up probably. “Dig” ever so gently with a toothpick and see if you can help it.

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Thanks man! I’ve done a lot of research, and wanted to hit the ground running.

The people in this community have be awesome already, and have been helping out a lot :slight_smile:

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Question for you guys. Is the seedling stage also apart of the vegetation stage, once the lady pops out of the ground?

Or do I start counting the veg stage once I see a few fan leaves?