First time, here we go

So, always wanted to do this. Finally am getting to now that it’s legal and I can actually find seeds….all still amazing to me.

0 knowledge. Just read a lot and watched a lot of videos.

Growing 5 ILGM blueberry autos. Don’t have any indoor setups, just doing it for fun and will invest on an indoor setup after a few grows under my belt. I’m sure you can’t tell much from a couple photos. But if anyone has any advice they wanna share, I’m open and appreciative of it.

Growing outdoors in the nice CA sun.
Soil is fox farms happy frog.

Havnt done any nutrients. Not positive if I should be with the fox farms. I have a bottle of cal mag and the 3 general hydroponics nutrients on the way.
Fabric pots.

Been doing lst with pipe cleaners.

Photos are day 33 from dropping the seeds in soil. Based on picture I see, i feel they should be bigger….but I really don’t know.

Guess I’m just looking to see if people feel like they look good for 33 days. Anything that’s obvious I should be doing that I’m not.

And like i said, I got general hydroponics micro, bloom and grow on the way as well as cal mag.

Just ordered 6 different fast buds and Dutch passion auto seeds for the next grow.


Hi there and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
The ladies look nice and healthy and nice size. You should get a digital ph and tds meter to know your runoff numbers. These are outside? Just be on the lookout for bugs. They love the ladies.


Welcome @Smashey805 .
As @beachglass said, everything looks good and that soil should have enough nutrients for at least a couple more weeks.

There are a lot to choose from and that will do fine.

Capt. Jacks deadbug would be a good investment if you are going to grow outdoors. :wink:


Forgot to mention I have ph up, down and a digital reader on the way as well :slight_smile:


Sounds like you are good to go just start watering to runoff mearsure your ppms when they dip below 1000 ppms start feeding per guide lines of nutrients


Something that was suggested to me by my local grow shop, top dress with fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 once a month and that’s it, other than ph’ing the water. It has worked great for me, and then you stay organic.


Welcome to the community. You are doing a great job with your ladies. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Thanks for the welcome all. I’m sure I’ll be around a lot. I think I’ve found my calling.


Welcome to our forum, your girls look awesome


Aaaaye, welcome to the community! Looks like you got various stages of flowering going! Only downside there is harvesting at separate times. Cool, though, because you can let one plant go long, another not so long, and others in between. The longer you let them go in flower, the more lazy couch lock effect they develop.

Everything looks good! Get some of that Capt Jack’s concentrate above and mix it 1.5x strength for good pest control. If you get varmints and critters you may have to get a little more tactical lol.

Go with the KISS method for your first grow. Keep It Simple, Silly. Stick to the feeding schedule. Don’t let your bags get bone dry. Keep your water and nutes ph’ed properly. And have your dry room/area ready ahead of time. Post here if you have some issues and use the “@” then username to tag. Like @Smashey805

Good luck and happy growing!!!

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Welcome aboard. Nice plants.

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@Smashey805 You are SMASHing it right out the gate!! Ladies look lovely!! Beware the caterpillars :bug:!!

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Welcome !
Jacks 321

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Welcome @Smashey805 ! Your ladies are looking good!
Only thing I noticed when I zoomed in (other than like @Borderryan22 noted about flowering already) is that there appears to be some water droplets on some of the lower leaves. I know you can’t help if it’s raining, but did you spray them or get water backsplash on them when watering? You want to avoid getting the leaves wet during the sunshine times, the water droplets act like magnifiers and damage those little solar panels! Doesn’t look bad, but just something to keep in mind in the future.
Happy growing!

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Welcome! I can the finer run for me has been a fun grow so far, im using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil as well and I can tell ya for me personally my PPM of my runoff didn’t drop for about 5 weeks so that’s when I started using fox farm neuts at about 1/4 strength, the neuts in the soil lasted quite awhile

I’d say they are a good size for day 33, my autos kept stretching well past that point and they were also in flower by that age so I wouldn’t worry there looking great!