First time here and not sure if I'm doing this right. Can anybody help?

Threatened to put this girl in flower a week ago and her leaves started to discolor and Claw down. I gave her a good flush 2 days ago and now her leaves are tacoing. New foliage tips have been turning yellow for the last week. Help

Looks a bit like nitrogen burn and possibly a little heat stress

I mean…depending on space, it might be time to switch to 12/12…

After you get her healthy, that is.

Everything seems to be okay up until two weeks ago when I dropped the floor of my grow tent another foot and a half to prepare for going into flower. Been using the same concoction and the same lights at the same distance up until dropping the floor. I did start using Fox Farm Big Bloom about 3 weeks ago. Lights are actually further away than what they normally are. They’re at about 30 in now. And they’ve needed to go into a flower for hey as long time now. Started growing them at the beginning of Summer. LOL. Was trying to get some clones going before sending them into flower

@larry1 What are you feeding all fox farm? Are you adding calmag ?

Did you check your runoff ph when you flushed ?

Are you Growing in soil ?

I’m a single dad and on a very tight budget so. I hate to say Miracle Grow but. Very light Miracle-Gro molasses Epsom salts little bit of hydrogen peroxide and I was doing some superthrive every other feeding. And they’ve been doing great up until I drop the floor and I started using Fox Farm Big Bloom along with the other stuff I normally use. All watered down a little bit. No I did not eat h the run off immediately. There was some left over water left over and the buckets. I have them in 5 gallon buckets. And that run off ran a little high. About 7.5. Just got cal-mag in yesterday. Did a floral spray. Yes soil. And once again a concoction of different soil mix. A little tagro peat moss perlite and some vigro potting soil

@larry1 You say the ph was 7.5, this is probably why your having issues. Once you get passed 7 ph in soil, your locking out certain nutriants. You also said you didn’t test the runoff right anyway, so the ph could have been even higher than 7.5

Looking at the ph chart below you can see at ph 7.5, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Boron, Copper, Iron, Zinc are all locked out. In other word these could all be present in the soil, but the roots cant absorbed them at high ph levels.

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Yeah I figured as soon as I saw 7.5 that I was out of range. And for the flush it was probably a lot higher. I do appreciate your feedback. I’m going to do a half flush when I get home and then add probably quarter nutrients. Hopefully in the next few days Billy go out. It’s definitely time for these girls to get out of their training bra and grow up :slight_smile: