First time Harvest


first timer, i have 3 plants that are ready to harvest. have been growing in a small room built in my garage but now temps here in the south are dropping down in the 30’s at night , highs are 55 day time.
all i have had so far is a window ac unit, fan and dehumidifier. haven’t needed a heater so far with the lights and dehumidifier it has keep the room in the low 70’s day and last night after lights when out dropped to about 65.
once i cut them down to hang, will the room need to stay dark , where does the temp need to stay and humidity. i am growing these to make oil not to smoke.
i appreciate all help pls. i have ready so many different things and watched some videos but they dont seem to give the same advice



They need to be in the dark. temps from 50-70 and RH around 50-60.

Do you have a picture. Since you are a first time grower I do want you to harvest to early.
Also how many days in flower and what strain are you growing


honestly this has been a whole learning experience and hoping to take what i have learned and mistakes i have made and use it on my next grow. these are purple haze, i really dont know how many days in flowering , basically went by the signs i have read of when plant is ready to harvest and they have stopped growing .


Looking frosty. You could let them go another week or two. Do you have anything to check the trichomes with? I think, since the plant is small you could just bring the plant inside after you chop it and put it in a dark closet for drying and curing. Then you don’t have to worry about it going below freezing.


no i dont have anything to check the trichomes with. what should i get?
that is just one of 3 plants so i really dont have closet space to put all three of them in and am afraid of the order in the house


To check trichomes either get a jewelers loop, or better a scope that fits on your smart phone or a USB microscope.


thank you, this is an awesome group , have learned so much from it
excited to start my new grow


Buy a LOUPE 30X as MAXHeadRoom suggested + ( keep it ULTRA CLEAN )…milky trichomes are YABBA DABBA DOO (for me and my Northern Lights.

J68 (high as a kite) :star_struck: