First time growing!

Hi everyone! Thanks for having me! This is my first time gardening, and I’m super excited! I’ve got blueberry, amnesia haze, and northern lights. All autos. I’m a really really reaaaalllyyy new beginner at this, so just planted in some good quality soil, with a little quality compost added to see how they’ll do with sunlight while I wait for the nutrients, and figure out the tent and light situation I need! Have had some great suggestions, and have a heap to research still. Here’s some photos of the babies! My poor amnesia haze got burnt in the sun and I don’t know if she’s going to come back… but while she’s still green, I’m loving her and hoping for the best! Should I just give up and start again?

This was around 11 days old

And this is today, at 14 days old! I think I can see some black/darkening on the ends of the blueberries leaves??? , so will need to address that, all suggestions welcome! Also any suggestions for the poor, burnt AH :frowning:

Thanks for reading!

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Overall I think your seedlings look good they’re in the stage where they’re developing Roots. Keep taking care of the BB she will bounce back.

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In the first photo I see what looks like a peat pot.
Did you plant the pot in the soil?
Those say they decompose, but for cannabis they dont do it fast enough.
If you left them in the peat pots you may need to dig up and remove the peat and repot the seedlings to free the roots.


i have an order setup for all those. thanks for sharing. i want to watch.

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Hi @Cw Welcome to the journey! Weed might not be addictive but growing it is;)

I see you cover them babies with domes am I right? They should have holes those covers otherwise you cook them right up. Although they need higher humidity as seedlings they still need fresh air and temps controlled. In a dome without holes they will suffocate. So first step isput some holes throughout them covers. The burned baby might still recover so see how she does for a while.

You mention waoting for nutes, don’t worry them babies won’t need any nutes for a good while so don’t be tempted to feed them just yet;)

Best of luck!

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llittle one is a goner. others need shade and humidity (think spring weather)

peat grow cubes are often a not good thing. suggest you consider rock wool.

Personally: when seed has hatched, I put in 9 oz clear plastic cup with soil and drainage holes…then another cup on top to be a humidity dome. Mist twice a day…then when roots are crawling over the cup sides…transplant to final home. I don’t put a plant in full summer sun until it’s 4" tall.

some type of sun screen that still allows sun tru would be best.

@Spiney_norman Not sure what a “peat pot” is, but they were in those recycled cardboard pot things that are meant to breakdown? Is that them? If so, then Yeah it was, They were initially in those, then planted into their big homes. After reading on here though, we went back and removed as much of them as I could while trying not to upset the process. Hopefully did enough, and won’t use them again, will just put straight into the final home next time.

@rumpelstiltskin Yeah I do have domes on them, and they don’t have holes. Thanks for the tip, Ill make some just now!

@tanlover442 Will check out the rock wool suggestion, thanks heaps. ill just keep them inside for a good while.


What a great idea this journal is! I was feeling disheartened but since coming back and seeing those pics, I feel really great!. Babies are now 20 days old and by looking at these pics, I think the Amnesia haze might make it!!! Still haven’t figured out the lighting situation at all, so have been using some old flood lights for warmth and a bit of light for 6 hours after the sun goes down. Am totally open to any. suggestions anyone has!.

Heres some updated pics. First two are of the Northern Lights, then BLueberry that looks a little sad, then the AH… Im not sure what’s up with the BLueberry, its getting the exact same as the other two and has since the start… Please ignore my fingers, its hard to get the sill phone camera to focus on just the plant.

25 days old. Am about ready to cut my losses with the AH. I’ve been loving it because its growing, but I feel like its probably not going to make it… Would love to hear any suggestions about whats happening with blueberry. Its getting exactly the same and looks? Stunted or something? Is it shock from moving her from the peat pot to the big one? Is she also a gonner? Fairly happy with the Northern Lights!

Pic 1 and 2 Northern Lights, 3 and 4 Blueberry and 5 Amnesia Haze.

I say give it more time its still green, what do you have to loose could turn out to be the biggest by harvest. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, fair. Will keep loving it and see what happens.

43 days old and I’ve given up on the amnesia haze… am hopefully for the other two! Have purchased a proper grow light and tent, and some nutrients and they’re much happier… I think… am curious about what these little things are appearing at the base of the beaches though. Are they new leaves?