First time growing,



Can’t see under that light. But what I do see, you have weeks to go


It’s Hard to get a good pic! The pistols just started changing colors…


Single pics under natural light is the best way to see pics on this forum. There’s a zoom option but only for pics posted individually. Which strain is she and how old is she


She’s Buddha’s Sister! 42 days in flower & pistils are turning already… Everyone says 50-60 days in flower???


Its like looking at them through Jiml Hendrix’s eyes.


Any breeders listing will be an estimate. It’s difficult to tell from pictures especially that aren’t natural light. If you could get some pics that aren’t under the blurple light we could probably help more.


Hey what’s up? Which pistols are most important to watch?, the ones up top?
My pistols are turning a light orange everywhere except for the very top should I wait till the top one start turning and do you wait till they turn a darker orange-ish red??
Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks!!




First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM

Yes natural light would be much better to view your pictures

Will joint


All of them. Generally the buds closest to light are the most developed, but that’s not always the case. Once the pistils start to turn, you want to monitor the trichs. It’s best to have some sort of magnification tool, and let them get to at least cloudy. Then if you want a more Stoney/sleepy buzz, let a good portion of them go to amber. If you’re looking for more of head buzz, majority cloudy is pretty good. If they’re clear, that’s too early.


Hey @garrigan65 what happens it if you smoke the trics clear thanks @irma1010


More of an energetic head high


Most likely nothing at all. Now milkey you’ll catch a buz and grtting into Amber , well we all know what happens then


What happens if pistils are not done and you :smoking: smoke them