First time growing--Would love advice

Hi I’m looking for someone to critique me before I begin my grow. I have ordered most of the things necessary and wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions. This is my first grow and I want it to go well.

  It's an indoor grow and unfortunately I purchased my seeds from the MSNL seed bank so I'm not sure how they are yet. I should have purchased from this site. They are autoflowering feminized. The strains are  auto lemon haze and auto blue dream.

So far I have purchased:
-60X60X80 viparspectra reflective tent
-3 in 1 soil PH test kit by Atree
-Programmable digital outlet timer by Nearpow

  • iPower --4 Inch fan with lnline Carbon Filter 25 and Feet Ducting with Fan Speed Controller and Temperature Humidity Monitor
  • BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum lamp
    -Foxfarm PH adjust Happy Frog Soil

What should I use for putting containers? Any suggestions?
Is there anything else I’m missing ?

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Welcome to ILGM!

Looks like a good start. Have your seeds already, Whatcha going to grow?

Alot of us use 5 gal fabric pots, maybe a clip on fan or some type to move air around. But that will be a little bit.

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Thank you for the reply and help! I’m growing some auto lemon haze and some auto blue dream. Waiting for the seeds to arrive still. I ordered them from the MSNL seed bank. So I’m hoping they are quality.

Zip tied to something. No more accidents…

Fabric pots are good, ph tester, tds meter, dehumidifier, humidifier.
The humidifier in my opinion is optional, but depending on your area, a dehumidifier might be optional as well.
You’ll want the humidity as low as you can get it to reduce the chances of mold, and increase trichome production.
Light upgrade in the future would be a good thought to keep in mind. That likely only draws about 200W.

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Which light would you recommend ? I’m open to upgrading. I could still return this one. I figured a 2000watt LED light would be enough but this is my first grow and I’m sure I’m wrong. The reviews on the light were good.

I will ordered a few clip on fans and zip tie them to safe areas. I also like the idea of a dehumidifier and humidifier.

The indoor grow tent is going in a spare bedroom. I’m the only one on that lives here so small or light are not a concern.

How many plants would optimally grow in a 60×60×80 tent if I’m only growing autoflowering feminized buds?

And what size fabric pots are ideal for plants?

Spider farmer lights are not as efficient as Horticulture Lighting group lights, but almost as good. But definitely better than the light you posted.

I grow in 5 gallon pots.
The number is confusing because you could have really large plants, or a lot of small ones. So it’s up to you. Basically you want space between the plants no matter the size.

You might think about returning that light and replacing it with a Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) 260 Rspec. You will get much better results. Many of us have bought lights similar to the BESTVA and now use HLG or similar LEDs. My BESTVA now sits in a drawer and I doubt I’ll ever use it.

Okay I think I’ll do that. Will that 1 light be enough for a 60×60×80 tent or will I need more than that?

Understood I’m going to return that light and purchase a Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light with Samsung Chips. Do you think I need more than this 1 light for a 60×60×80 tent?


If you are getting the Spider Farmer I’ll let someone else chime in on which one works for a 5x5. I’m not too familiar with their product, but those who have them seem to be happy.

If it were HLG then a 550 V2 Rspec or 2 or 3 260 XL Rpecs would be what you want. I run a 260XL Rspec for every 2x4 space I have. I have 3 in my 5x5 and usually run 1 for every 2 plants.


What about the BESTVA 2000Watt COBB LED lighting light? Still wouldn’t recommend this light ?

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It’ll grow weed, but you will get better results with a better light. Lighting is one of the most important factors for your grow.