First time growing White widow auto input please

It would be nice it super bushy and I pretty much know what bud sites are being covered

I know there is a certain few times before and after flower u can do it. Wait til @Nicky or @Not2SureYet or @AutoMattik says yeah or nay


Check out bill ward defoliating autos on youtube


I defoliate the shizz out of mine. I have no use for a ton of leaves. The moment I hit preflower time to open her up. Leaves are just a waste of energy for the plant. Let her put her energy towards flowering. Peace



She really didn’t grow very much eh, not height yet. Your in veg so don’t touhh any leafs on an auto wait until she’s started to show bud sites with little stars. Then defoilate very lightly and tuck what you can as it looks like your in soil, soils more prone to stunting autos.

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Hey there buddy I was reading your post about auto’s I’ve got a couple going now 2 I’ve had going and 2 just sprouts the 2 older girls I’ve topped her she coming in nice now after awhile of nothing oh and lsting them both 1 is budding up nicely but my other one is pistoling like crazy but just wondering if she going to be ok cause she not budding up it seems like I did do a lot of defoliation often leaf here leaf there ect… What’s your thoughts @Nicky

Yep fox farm and no she didn’t she’s about 8 inches tall and 15 inches wide lol but she’s my shortest one so no big worries there. Thanks

So you would say around week 5?

Once you see pre flowering sites. Around there sounds about right. But autos do there own thing.

That is true! During this grow I’ve noticed that, I have pistils everywhere how do u know when it’s preflower tho

You just start to see hairs and you can see the bud sites starting to develop.

@thelria are you in coco or soil? Do you have a journal tag me over there.
I’m not a fan of topping autos it’s to high stress in my opinion so to top them and lst them I hope your in soil less /coco or hydro because that’s gonna really slow your soil plants down they just don’t get enough time to grow big when your training them to much in soil.

I prefer a FIM, it’s medium stress and give you 4 tops vs two that a toping would.


They in soil the 1 I topped is doing good but my other 1 I only lst her and she the 1 I worried about I’ll pot a pic in a bit

Here is my O2 :grin: Leave every thing as it is. As small as that is. There is no reason to remove any thing. You will still get solid buds all through. And the leaves will help it out. If even for a little bit. You can always take a few near the end if needed. You can see a little auto I did that was packed full of leaves

She finished like this


Thanks, there are several bud sites not getting proper light and I should just leave it be? I’ve even tried lst but she’s so bushy

@Nicky here is some different angle pics of both the autos I was asking about can you see how she browning in the pistols and has no real bud formation and then the nugget 1 was topped and don’t seem to be bothered


I found this rather interesting in figuring where you are in your grow.
I decided that I am on day 13.


I wouldnt judge a plant until its done but you need to ensure its getting the right PH of wster/feed. The feed in the medium is right and that your humidty and Temps are in ideal ranges…

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Temps around low to mid 80 rh is now in low 20-30 b4 70 the highest pH levels between 6.5-7 usually around 6.7 only giving small amount of water using moisture meter idk I’m at a loss for thoughts but yes I’m not giving up on her but am worried don’t like anything or anyone getting sick or dying on my watch I’m a family guy ya know hate giving up lol anyways any other ideas

Another question for you if you don’t mind how long normally do auto’s go for mine will be 12weeks from seed just trying to figure out every thing I can I got like another 15 seeds so better brush up on all I can thank you for your help and patience