First time growing plants

Can I use beastie bloomz everyday

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No. Once a week while in flowering. I recommend going to the manufacturer’s feed schedule for the nutrition you use and following it. For example: https:// fox farm dot com /download/13115/

From a Google search:

“ Beastie Bloomz® is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer specially formulated to support blossom development during mid to late flowering. For use in soilless mixes, soils, hydroponics, and aeroponic systems.

Garden tip: Start with Open Sesame® in the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s life. Once buds emerge, feed your plants with Beastie Bloomz® every other watering according to package directions or our Feeding Schedule. In the eighth to ninth week of the plants life cycle, switch to Cha Ching®.”

That’s exactly what I do …
However I am always confused because they say every other watering …
Yet the recommend you water feed water water feed
So I don’t see how they say every other watering

Normally you should be watering approximately every 3 days for most of the plants life (of course that varies depending on temp and humidity and container size, etc… So…

Monday - water
Thursday - water with nutrients
Sunday - water
Wednesday - water with nutrients

HOWEVER… and that’s a big however…

I use filtered water so I add Cal/Mag, micronutrients and Epsom salt each time.

I don’t consider stuff like Recharge a ‘nutrient’ (NPK) and give it approximately once every 10-14 days. Same with Silca (especially for my outdoor plants and the heat).

I don’t start actual nutrients until the runoff ads falls below 800 which is around 4 weeks or so depending on your soil.

That’s just me though LOL…