First time growing photos. Can you help a brother out

The 2 plants are apple smack photos. This is my first time growing photos. They are 6 weeks above soil. Can I start adding bloom nutrients. And how much longer till I can flip the lights? I’m using fox farms trio.


“Photos” you talking about “Autos”? If so, no you need to stick with 6-4-4 then when you start seeing white hair at bud sites then switch to your flowering/budding fertilizer.

I wouldn’t start bloom nutes until she starts to flower. As for flipping, you’re fine to flip to 12/12 now or you could wait a week or 2.


Thank you autofreak

@13dyna are you feeding them now? Personally, I’d let them veg for another 2 months, at 6 weeks you haven’t started training them yet either. My last from seed looked like yours at 6 weeks.

I let them veg another 6 weeks after then flipped to 12/12. Two weeks later, they looked like this (ok, just one! the other was bigger)

Then at harvest, the one above is the small one on the left (Dutch Treat, other was 9 Lb Hammer). I got 3 ounces of her, flipped May 16, harvest Aug 15.

If you flip them now, you might get 3/4 ounce. What are your goals/expectations this grow? Are you under any time constraints that would make it necessary to flip now? If not, feed them veggie food and let them grow!

Nice looking plant too btw :+1:


You talking about fox farm “big bloom” or “tiger bloom”?
Because you can give it big bloom from the start if you wanted to. It’s only 0 - 0.5 - 0.7 so it want hurt them none…

I am under no time constraints. I’m feeding them just the big blloom and big grow per the ff schedule… I can definitely let them go I keep feeding like that till I get the the hight I want?

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They double in size from the time you flip them til harvest. I’ve seen some triple in size.


Has the temp or humidity been low? Plants dial it back if the temps are cooler.