First time growing looking for advice

One week old today I will be putting these girls outside around May 15th to June 1st. I did 4 clones last year got them 4th of July weekend and grew them in 7gallon air pots with what I like to think of as good results (1lb 4oz total dry weight). For a first timer poping seeds and using lights does everything look ok so far? When should I start feeding them? I will be trying living soil outside.

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Depends on the medium you place them in. What kind of soil is it?

The bigger of the 2 pictured is 2 weeks old traded a friend who started sooner than I did

The soil is dairy doo starter 101 local company in Michigan

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The company says this:
Directions: Add water and blend before use. Plant seeds directly into Seed Starter 101 according to packet directions. Plants do not need to be fertilized for up to six weeks.

I would agree based on that they add worm castings to the soil. Just keep an eye out for yellowing, that means they’re getting hungry. Otherwise they’re fine.


Should I have started my seeds earlier than April 16th I would like to plan better for next year

That depends on the size you’re looking for. This is for outside?
You could potentially start a plant in November and allow it to get really large if you wanted to. As long as you have lighting to support it.

Not sure how to answer that. I’m looking for high quality personal use don’t really need monster plants. Not looking to spend tons of money on lights because I won’t be growing indoors other than getting the girls started.

This year’s line up


are you going to just do seedling stage inside? my germ/seedling stage takes about 25 to 30 days. i don’t think you will need more light until you get into a bit of veg stage. so it looks to me that you have 2 or 3 weeks to get to veg stage and if you don’t have more light you should be able to put them outside then. are these autoflower?.. oops, and welcome back @Green-thumb

Strain; ILGM Banana Kush fem, ILGM White Widow fem, Gorilla X lone seed off of one of the clones from last year, Firestarter reg, lemon tree reg all photos

Soil in pots, Right now they are in dairy Doo seed stater 101 going to transfer to 1 gallon in a few weeks to dairy Doo veg blend then in 30 gallon living air pots green house will used once it warms up

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? NA

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS NA

Starting inside going out early to mid June
Light system, size?
12,000 lumens led 5k white light

Temps; Day, Night
76 day 70 night
Humidity; Day, Night unknown waiting on amazon

Ventilation system; no

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifi no

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you are gonna have a ton of pot lol my main concern with running photos outside in michigan is the amount of time between when you get less than 13 hours of light and the time when the freeze hits. if i were to grow outdoors here i would definitely take advantage of the auto flower… to me autoflower was designed with those of us in top tiers of states that might not have a long enough time to get the plant to bud out completely. the reason i grow inside is because of this and i grow only fems because of space of tent issues.

I threw together a grow last minute last year germinated 8 bag seed 4 made it 1 was female plus 3 clones from a friend who was over on plants started May 21st with seeds got clones 4th July made tons of mistakes and I am looking for redemption this year still got 1.4 lbs dry weight


When should I begin to lower the light time currently 18-6 when I am going outside the day will be 14:46 day length outside will be late May early June they are still seedlings I think so I don’t want to make them flower

Picture taken today 4-26-20

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keep giving then your 18/6, i’m not a proponent of “working your way” to any time deal. you are going to put these outside, pretty much as soon as you can so don’t worry about anything about that… there are others who will say " do it more natural" but that is why we are humans and not the big guy, we might be able to make the “big guys” thing work for us.

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@monkman thanks for the advice do I need more light or is this sufficient

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it looks to me like what you have going on right now will work for 2 or 3 weeks, you might not get to wait until you want to to put them outside, but you will be able to tell in the next couple. is why i asked if you had another light. u shouldn’t need it unless you want to go for more than that. i think you will be past the “freeze time” if you can make it another couple weeks.

three weeks old
2 weeks old
I’ve added some light’s and a humidifier they exploded the last 2 day’s

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should I think about 1 gallon pots soon?


Transplant done 1 gallon pots Veggie Doo soil and great white for the roots

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