First time growing in wicking bed

Hi everyone first time growing, been growing vegetables for years and thought I would give it a go. Growing in Victoria not sure strain as its bag seed but gives me something to do :rofl:


Welcome @Auspig

Care to share how you have your wicking bed set up? I’ve seen how AutoPot sets theirs up, but I’m always interested in new techniques.

Welcome to the forums, I’m from Princeton originally but live in Alberta now.
You need to try some island sweet skunk it’s native to your area!
Feel free to Tag me by writing out @ Nicky

I can help you along the way.
Your growing inside?

More pictures!

images (8) this is a basic design for a wicking bed


Thanks, that explains it very well.

I’m looking for a solution that I can use next summer that I can leave for a week at a time unattended, How often do you have to refill your container once you have lots of growth like in that first photo.

@CMichGrower I would only fill the pods every 2 weeks over summer and we get 42c here in summer, my garden is fairly sheltered so hot wind doesn’t effect it much. If it was out in the open you would definitely get a week at the minimum

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Aww I mean Canada

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That’s great to know.

I don’t know if you know what an AutoPot is, but it is a way to water your plants over an extended period of time. It worked great watering the plant, until the plant grew too tall and fell over. The AutoPot only uses 5 gallons of growing medium which isn’t nearly enough weight to hold up a 7-8 foot plant in a 20 mph breeze. I ended weighing the base with bricks, and when that wasn’t enough, I tied it to a table. The AutoPot failed the test.

I think I’m going to give your method a try.

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I think they recommend them for plants under 7’ tall :blush:

@CMichGrower hi mate, the pods are 1000liter so they would hold about 150 litres of water, you could have a 20 foot plant in them and there is know way they would fall over, just make sure you use a good quality soil and they really do take care of themselves, if you need any tips on building them feel free to contact me :+1:

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Interesting :slight_smile:

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